You’ll seek out adventure today, Sagittarius.



There is a big chance you will have an all-out argument with someone whom you have a disliking for this Sunday. While it might not be the most ideal start t your day, sometimes it’s good to say how you feel.


Taurus, the stubborn and headstrong parts of your personality will be the ones that the people around you see the most of today. If this is not how you would like to be perceived, then it’s in your hands to do something about it.


If you’re somewhat mischievous and enjoy playing tricks on people and winding them up, then today you’ll be in luck as there will be plenty of opportunities for this. Don’t be tempted to have an opinion on something just to be the same as someone else.


Cancer, it seems as though today you will be easily offended by the things people say to you and you might even take people up the wrong way. While it’s OK to be sensitive, don’t be overly so as this can become annoying.


You have a strong presence when you enter a room and this Sunday will be no different where this is concerned. Others will be inclined to stay in your company as you’ll be entertaining and fun to be around. However if you’re not a big fan of the limelight there’s nothing wrong with that.


Virgo, your tendency to keep things to yourself, especially any news or information that is private, is not something you should feel you have to change. Tell people about things when you’re ready and not just because they ask!


If tension and an uneasy atmosphere makes you feel very uncomfortable then today you will want to remove yourself from these types of situations as quickly as possible. Maybe finding a way to make things better would be a good solution?


Scorpio, it’s likely you will feel particularly uneasy and not in your usual good spirits this Sunday. If you don’t feel like spending time in the company f large crowds, then don’t force yourself to as others will know that you’d rather be somewhere else!


Adventure and excitement are two things Sagittarius will actively seek out throughout the day. You may convince a friend to tag along with you for fun, or alternatively you won’t be afraid to go about finding this yourself.


Capricorn, even though it’s very unlike you to be the one to instigate an argument and you usually walk away from any kind of tension today it seems as though this will be the case. Concentrate on your own asks and chores and forget about everyone else’s.


It looks like you will be the one people turn to when they don’t really know what else to do. Your ability to make some kind of sense out of all the chaos that is surrounding you will by the reason for this.


Pisces, this Sunday will be a tough one on you as other people will put you in a tough position and try to make you take their side in a argument. However, it’s best to stand your ground If this happens and don’t be put under pressure.