You may feel a little more sensitive than usual today, Aries.    



Your emotions may begin to take over today Aries so try and keep a handle on them if you have a lot to do. Your romantic side may also have a strong presence. Other people’s words and comments will hurt your feelings as you will be feeling more sensitive than usual. Think carefully before you make any long-lasting decisions today, particularly if they involve your partner or other half.


Taurus will find themselves at a defining point in their lives today; now is the time to make important decisions that will effect all aspects of your life. The way you approach people and situations will also go through a period of change. It’s best not to start any new projects for the moment while this upheaval is going on. Instead of trying to solve every problem you come across, sometimes you have to accept that there are some things you have no power over.


Today the arrangements and plans Gemini makes will be more decisive and straightforward than usual. Unfortunately though, today is a little late for getting going on new projects but you can use this extra time to make a head start on tomorrow’s ventures. You may get a sudden boost of energy or perhaps some unexpected inspiration from a very unlikely source.


Instead of getting stuck with the responsibility of multiple projects, it’s best to form a plan and stick with it. You should follow the words of wisdom you have been given, as it is likely to be sound advice from someone who knows a thing or two about what they’re talking about. Try to overcome any challenges or difficulties you come across without loosing your cool.


Leo would be wise to delay starting anything new relating to their career or business for the moment and instead should focus their attention on other, more personal matters. If you’re a fan of planning ahead, there’s no harm in dreaming up what you want your future to look like until you’re in a better position to make that happen. Don’t take offence to people who point out possible flaws in your plans; remember they are on your side!


If you have been making halves of yourself lately in order to make something happen, then rest assured in knowing that you may not have to struggle quite so much today. Try to remain on good terms with the inspirational people in your life as this will only server to benefit you more in the long run. Big changes in your relation may arise where you will move forward together or decided to go your separate ways.


Although it’s great to have an active imagination and the ability to think up new ideas at the click of your fingers, if you plan on making these dreams a reality you should make sure they are functional and financially viable. Try not to get carried away and allow yourself to believe that something means more than it actually does. Give yourself a break and don’t agree to take on too much together.


Scorpio can relax in the knowledge that their natural ability to impress will once again work a treat and not let them down when they need it the most! Don’t feel as though you have to keep things bottled up today, if you are in need of a chat and some TLC you should avail of this. The good news is, the hard work and huge effort you have been putting in lately will not go unnoticed today.


You might find you are taken aback by how strong your emotions are when discussing a particular subject. Some of the decisions you make today will not require much thought as you will already have made up your mind about the issue a long time ago. While trying something new is great, depending on the nature of the activity (and especially if it involves a risk of some sort) you should think carefully before deciding to go ahead with it.


Capricorn will have a great time in the company of an old friend today where nostalgia and reminiscing about past experiences will be in ample supply. Aim to spend your time in the presence of people who will have a good influence on you and inspire you to go on and achieve great things. Don’t be too uptight and afraid to have a little fun.


Work related matters should be dealt with in a professional manner. If you’re very passionate about something and are tying to get other people to agree with you, you are far more likely to convince people if they don’t feel like they are being forced to agree with you. Aquarius will be particularly good at avoiding boring, menial chores throughout the day.


Expressing your emotions and how you really feel will be extremely easy for Pisces today and they will not have trouble revealing this side of their personality. Any Pisces born in mid-March should grab any opportunities that come their way as they may not get the chance to showcase their talents again.