Let today be a productive day, Pisces.

Aries should not rush another initiative – have it delayed until the end of the day. First try to systemize your plans. Don’t deviate from the tried system of actions; don’t be looking for good in good; otherwise, you may miss or partially jeopardise your financial situation. New life should better be started in the evening.

The daytime hours are especially important for the Bulls if they were born in the middle of May. During this time, your will efforts will have a goof result. For example, you will be able to quickly adjust to contradictory conditions and derive some obvious benefit from them.

Gemini should be tackling organizational or material affairs all day long. You may successful solve the problems associated with real estate, renovations, business fundamentals, and global professional tasks. As such, there is a chance to settle serious contradictions without many victims.

If you are a typical Crab (especially born in mid-July), the morning and early afternoon hours will be the most favorable for you. No matter what happens to you, you will not be alone – support and patronage are guaranteed.

Leo should stick to the rules and traditions during the day. This is the only way for it to achieve good results in business and professional activities, strengthen its status and material position, and solidify good relations with its superiors and other useful people.

Until the evening is here, everything will be going as if magic – just like you want, especially if you were born in the middle of September. New projects should be addressed closer to the end of the day. However, efforts will have to be made in order to achieve your goals.

Compulsory procedures, especially those connected with material matters, should better be tackled in the morning or early afternoon. This is a good time for dealing with various problems associated with management, organization of affairs, distribution of responsibilities, capital preservation, property insurance, etc.

In the afternoon, your dialogue with another persona may be somewhat complicated, but the essential important nuances of your relationships should be clarified during this time without waiting for the evening to come.

Until the nightfall, your success will be mainly guaranteed by caution, responsibility, care, and practicality. When dealing with issues, it is very desirable to show diligence, discipline, and accuracy. At the end of the day you may deviate from overly rigid rules.

Conservatism and caution should be combined with an innovative approach. Nothing horrible will happen if in some cases you allow yourself to deviate from the tried system and venture the uncharted waters.

In the morning and in the afternoon the circumstances will be conducive to consistent, systematic work. You may occasionally step away from rigid petty regulations, but you will not be able to fully free yourself from them.

In the afternoon of August 14, 2016, the Fishes’ behaviour may be driven by their sense of duty or their person notions of noble. This is a good day for studying and self-education, for comprehending basic truths or basics of some disciplines.