The morning time will provide you with some clarity, Libra. 



Getting jobs done and in a practical, logical way will be your forte today Aries and the day looks like it will make it very easy for this to happen. Making plans and figuring out the final details of these will be another activity that you will not find too strenuous.


Work related meetings, business trips or other tasks of that nature will have successful outcomes today Taurus. This knowledge should encourage you to strive even harder to reach your professional goals. Use any travel time you may have to work out any issues that have been bothering you lately.


Gemini, today you will learn the importance of being organised and the benefits that this will have in all areas of your life. If you properly plan out your day you will know when it’s time to work and when you will be able to switch off and relax. Don’t undermine the value of this downtime.


The early part of this Sunday is your time to shine today Cancer – and this will be especially true for any of you who were born in the month of June. Make the most of this time by getting out of bed early and embracing all what the day has to offer.


Leo, your time seems like it would be better spent if you focus on fixing little details and wait until another day to tackle the really big ones. Try to eliminate stress and worries where you can. If you want to achieve your goal, be prepared to put in the effort that is required.


Today will be a good day for any Virgo’s born in the month of August. Stay calm if you’re finding it difficult to get everything done; if you take it one step at a time you will be able to complete all necessary chores. A more relaxed approach to your day, will see you make fewer mistakes.


This Sunday is the perfect time for you to finalise any plans you have made recently; figure out the smaller details (which are surprisingly important) now while you have the time. If there are certain things on your mind that have been causing you some concern, the morning should provide you with the opportunity to sort these out.


Scorpio, put your talents of negotiation to good use today, especially if there is an important conversation that you need to have! Make use of the resources that are available to you; don’t be too proud to ask for help. Before the afternoon time, travel plans will be easier to organize.


Sagittarius, don’t procrastinate for too long, stop putting jobs on the long finger and get them over and done with at the beginning of the day. The people you work with will surprise you with the dedication and effort they put into their assignments today. Being self-employed has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks as you may discover.


Capricorn, use any free time you may have throughout the day to get more organized and figure out a plan for going forward. However, remember to allow some time to chill out and enjoy yourself as well. Your naturally relaxed nature means you will be able to chat to others with ease.


Aquarius, the opportunity to solve a problem or help someone who could use your support today, will be something you will actively seek out. Uncomfortable situations will not faze you, and your attitude to setbacks and stumbling blocks will remain positive.


Your responsibilities will be very important to you today Pisces and these will dictate what you do, and don’t do this Sunday. Feelings of uncertainty will be common for any of you who were born in the month of February. Offers of help should be accepted with gratitude.