It looks like today will be a good one for you Scorpio.



Aries, if you’re thinking of splashing out on a whole new wardrobe then perhaps it would be wise to think carefully before you go spending your money in such a hurry! Think about an offer before you say yes immediately.


Your home life looks like it’s about to improve dramatically today Taurus; this could be as a result of either you or your partner really making more of an effort lately. Whatever the case may be – it’s working so keep it up!


Gemini may have to let their social life take somewhat of a back seat today because it seems as though the endless list of chores to complete will only be getting longer. Aim to start these early and don’t let them drag on until nighttime.


Your artistic side will be really strong today Cancer and you will more than happy to spend the day enjoying various creative endeavours. It’s possible that a project you have begun work on in the past few weeks, may require more of an effort or might have to be stopped altogether.


Try your best to keep your mood swings at bay today Leo as it’s unlikely that you will receive much sympathy from your peers, despite how you might be feeling. In fact this type of behavior has the potential to push people away if continued.


While it is a very difficult thing to do Virgo, this Sunday you might have to reassess some of the people you thought you could trust. Even though it may be hard to let go of some of these friendships, you will benefit from it in the long run.


Forcing someone to think like you do or putting too much pressure on them to make a decision is not advised Libra, and it could backfire at a later date if you’re not careful. Let people form their own ideas and opinions.


Scorpio, it looks like it’s going to be a good day for you this Sunday and you will be feeling pretty bright and content. If other people try to put you in a bad mood you will not let them! Any challenges will be faced with a good attitude.


Sagittarius you will be anxious to spend the majority of the day in the company of people you know well and feel very comfortable around. They will help to put you at ease, particularly if you have been stressed or worried lately.


You will be able to spot a good deal and successful financial opportunities from far away this Sunday Capricorn, so don’t put this talent to waste. Seek out options and choices where you can, but invest wisely.


Aquarius will be confident and secure within themselves throughout the day and this will be visible (and obvious) to the people they are in contact with. However, try not to let this self-belief go too far or people may think you arrogant.


Avoid long, drawn-out journeys or any unnecessary travels today Pisces, as it’s likely they will not turn out as you had planned. Instead look for was to pass the time within your current surroundings.