Think about who you can and can’t trust today, Scorpio.



Aries, even though you may like to keep yourself busy and like to be occupied with various tasks to keep your mind active, be careful that you don’t take on more than you are capable of doing this Sunday. Doing so, could result in an unwanted setback to both you schedule and also your confidence.


While you will still be pretty determined when it comes to getting your own way and not just going along with something for the sake of keeping the peace, this Sunday your ability to compromise and come to a solution that suits everyone involved, will improve greatly. There’s also a chance others will appreciate this side of you.


Gemini, regardless of how much you love a good catch up with friends, family or even workmates, be careful that your friendly conversations are not impeding on their ability to get their jobs done. However, if you love to talk maybe you could use this to your advantage.


We all put things on the long finger from time to time, we’re human after all! However Cancer, you may realise that your procrastination will result in other jobs done being done to the best of your ability simply because you didn’t have enough time to give them your all. Once will be enough to learn this.


Leo, you should do your best to avoid giving those who are in a position to comment on your skills and abilities, any reason to find fault with you today. The reason being they will be keeping a close eye on your friends and therefore, you will be open to questioning also. Just do your best; that’s all that can be expected of anyone.


If you’ve been searching for an answer about something lately and is simply hasn’t made itself noticeable to you yet, then this Sunday all of this might be about to change. Perhaps other people will look to you for a helping hand if they are struggling with something in particular.


Libra, you may be faced with some tough questions this Sunday that will force you to think very carefully about what you consider right and wrong, and how you view things in general. This may not be such a bad thing though as it may give you a somewhat fresh perspective which can be a good thing!


If you genuinely believe that you can trust the people in your social circle and that they want the best for you then that’s great! However, if you have a feeling that some people may be willing to hurt you in order to get ahead themselves then are they really your friends at all?


Sagittarius, the things that are happening in your life and all that is going on around you may result in you wanting to retreat to the comforting world of a good book this Sunday. If that’s the case, then by all means get lost n a good read for a few hours today. This will help you to relax and possibly forget about everyday life for a short time.


If you want someone you admire and believe would be a good mentor for your career to notice your work, then you will have to work very had in order for this to happen exactly the way in which you would like. Make sure that they can see you’re the best and don’t stop until they believe it too!


Aquarius, you may not be feeling your usual chirpy best this Sunday and your mood might not be much better. Hanging around people with lots of energy may become pretty tiring after a while and some time spent relaxing is likely to appeal to you a lot more.


It’s not a bad idea to check in with friends and work colleagues a bit more often to find out what is happening in their lives and if they have anything exciting to tell you. If you are an artist or like to be creative in some way, then perhaps what they tell you could be used as inspiration.