Be honest with people today, Gemini.



Aries, this Sunday you will be in luck because it seems as though your faults will be few and far between. This is also a good day to address any negativity that you’ve been feeling or indeed witnessed recently. Don’t be annoyed at friends who are not as adventurous as you.


While it may not be in your nature to let your feelings be known or to make a scene about something which you’re unhappy about, today is if you have friends who are a lot more loud and grandiose than you are, it may cause you to retreat into your shell even more!


Gemini, if you have something to say this Sunday then now is the ideal time to get it off your chest, as your communication skills are likely to be particularly effective throughout the day. This will be particularly important if it relates to business or your career.


Unfortunately you may not be feeling like your usual self this Sunday Cancer and this may have something to do with the people you have been spending time with lately. Take a moment to consider if they’re really the best fi for your life and indeed, your personality.


Leo, you won’t take criticism lightly today, especially if you feel as though the person, who is offering the harsh words of wisdom, is actually in the wrong. Organisation and helping people work to the best of their ability will be skills you should make the most of.


You may be surprised that your presence, or lack of it for that matter, will be sorely missed by some people more than others. If you feel as though you’ve been missing out on lots of things recently then talk to people who may be able to help you out with this. Look for ways to have fun and enjoy yourself more often.


Libra, this Sunday will most likely be a relaxing one foe you and the chances of you having to clean up any messes – than other people have made! – either metaphorical or otherwise, will be very slim. Use this time to relax and prepare for the week ahead.


Try not to be so quick to react to news and information; granted sometimes it can be very difficult to hide your immediate reaction to something, however it’s worth considering how this will feel for the person who has told you the news!


Sagittarius, you will much rather spend the day chilling out and doing your own thing, rather than having to entertain large groups of people or hang out in large crowds. If you have lots of things that need to get done soon, then you could use this quiet time to work on these projects.


Your determination and strong work ethic are extremely unlikely to fail you this Sunday Capricorn, in fact it seems there is a lot more of a chance that you will actually overwork yourself! Take time to rest and switch off when you need it, this is very important.


Aquarius, sometimes plans simply have to be changed. An idea that you came up with last year, last month or even last week may not be workable anymore. Therefore it’s good to be open and indeed be able to change when it is needed.


This Sunday will be a productive one for Pisces no doubt as your concentration levels will be on the rise and if there’s something you’re very interested in, you will make a huge effort to complete this to the best of your ability.