You will have a lot of trouble keeping secrets today, Aquarius. 



Today will be great for meeting up with friends and generally just being in fun, social atmospheres. You might also run into someone unexpectedly but it could turn out to be a very enjoyable experience! You will get lots of informative news today Aries, whether you ask for it or not and you might find listening to this information a challenge, especially if you have other, more pressing matters on your mind.


If you are about to make any big decisions this Sunday Taurus, then you should remember that other people’s opinions only count for so much, so you shouldn’t base your actions completely on the thoughts of others. Impulsive, and unplanned choices may not turn out as well as the ones you have spent time deliberating over. You would be wise to stick to your original plans.


Your patience, or lack of it, Gemini will get the better of you today and you will be in a hurry to get things completed as quickly as possible. If this is the case have a think about what you could do to speed things up – don’t always wait around for other people when you can get the job done yourself! Your senses may be very affected by the finer, more beautiful things in life also.


Your sense of inquisitiveness will be strong and the ability for others to easily lead you astray is extremely likely today. The possibility of travel and going to new places that you’ve never been before will be particularly appealing to you and so will the possibility of romance. Your career may see you having to work as part of a team and this will require some compromise and biting your tongue where necessary.


Leo’s ability to think on their feet and source out useful information and helpful finds will be very apparent today. You may also feel extra social and look for any excuse to get out of the house and interact with new faces. Problem solving and offering advice to people in particular predicaments will appeal to you and your inner detective might make an appearance. Don’t panic if you and someone significant in your life don’t always agree on everything. 


If you’ve been feeling like you have to choose between your career and your relationship lately, then it’s time to finally make a decision about which one is more important to you and let the other take a back seat. Perhaps the person you are with needs more from you then you can offer them at this time. Spending some productive time working on new plans and future projects will be very worthwhile today.


This Sunday is the perfect time for Libra to consider widening their circle and looking at opportunities more further afield. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean moving to another country, rather think about considering some options that you normally wouldn’t. It’s always best to keep your expectations (of things and other people) a little bit lower, that way you are less likely to be disappointed in the long run.


Your sensitive and emotional side is likely to take over today Scorpio, but where possible try not to let this get the better of you too much. Even though you may have a lot of feelings building up inside, you might find it surprisingly difficult to actually find the words to describe what you’re thinking. An important conversation that you have today may pave the way for something more concrete to happen in the future.


The people you are closest to, including your partner, will be expecting a lot of you today and they will look to you as a source of grace, decorum and appropriateness. If your other half is in a completely opposite mood to you today, it’s best to just go with it to avoid a fall out.


Capricorn will only be able to see what they are looking for if something particularly appealing is put in front of them. You may be pleasantly surprised by how understanding and accommodating your partner turns out to be when you need them most. They might also have some good ideas too! This sudden change in roles may cause you to rethink certain decisions you have made recently.


You will not be able to keep things, especially secrets, from the people you are close to today Aquarius. Being able to give and receive news and information from family and friends will bring you lots of happiness and you may even open up to people more. If plans you have made numerous times keep falling through, then perhaps you need to look at why this is continuing to happen.


While it’s great to be kind and a lovely trait to possess, be cautious that certain people do not try to take advantage of this sincerity over the course of the day today Pisces. Also watch out for people who are likely to trick you or who are out to confuse you. Something you have been working on quietly that didn’t look like it had a lot of staying power, could turn out to be extremely worthwhile.