Try to resolve conflict as calmly as possible Scorpio. 



Independent thinking should be adopted over a more restrained outlook. Aries should keep in mind that beginning new things, especially if they are particularly large scale or risky, may not be the best idea today. The prospect of the future and the years ahead will become more evident to you over the nest few days.


While having a goal in mind is a brilliant way of focusing your mind and sticking to one thing, try not to let it become an obsession and something that begins to take over your life. The people you are close to may offer you some advice about your future today Taurus and it may not be the worst thing for you to pay attention to what they have to say.


Gemini may begin to get the travel bug today and the possibility of visiting somewhere new or perhaps going on an adventurous trip might become more appealing than ever. Don’t settle for second best; keep searching for what you’re looking for until you find what is right for you. Certain talents you possess may work in your favour today.


Even though it may not suit you, Cancer might have to give up something that is important to them today in order to compensate other people. Rest assured that this sacrifice won’t go unnoticed and you will be rewarded in return. Meeting new people will be very appealing and so will the possibility of socializing with already existing friends.


You may begin to notice that the people around you are acting a little strange and not like themselves, however it is unlikely that you are the cause if this. Some of the things your friends do will really grate on your nerves, however it’s best to hold your tongue if you want to avoid an argument.


Virgo may discover that something, which started out quite negatively, actually has the potential to become very special to them. This will encourage them to be more daring in their ventures and give them an overall sense of excitement. If you feel as though you might be in the wrong or could have acted differently if given a second chance, it’s not too late to o something about the situation now.


Libra should make the most of impromptu gatherings and socializing in the company of friends and family. If you’re a parent, it’s not a bad idea to check in with how your kids are feeling and have a chat about things today. The opportunity to go somewhere new or improve your knowledge on a particular subject may arise and if so, you should not turn this down.


Family issues and a battle for power may be one of the issues Scorpio will find themselves dealing with this Sunday. Try your best to resolve the situation calmly and rationally – sarcasm and rudeness should be left at the door. This turbulence in your personal life may lead you to feeling a little lonely and misunderstood.


Sagittarius’ eyes may be opened today when they come to the realisation that the people they thought they knew well, have actually been fooling them all along. A new habit or hobby may start to get a little out of control so watch that you are not getting too caught up in whatever you have taken an interest in lately. Some advice that you receive today could be just what you needed in order to get going and make a change.


While you’re generally practical and realistic in your thoughts, plans and ideas, all of this is likely to go out the widow today Capricorn and the more impulsive and slightly irrational part of you may come to the fore. Something unusual or outside of your day-to-day happenings, may appeal you even more today simply because it is different.


Aquarius’ usually strong exterior may begin to crumble and they will feel a little unsure of themselves. This could have a lot to do with the fact that you try to convince people you are doing fine when perhaps the opposite may be true. An exciting and entertaining person will make you feel more energetic and in a better mood overall.


While it’s lovely to look back on the past and reminisce on times gone by, be careful that you don’t drive yourself crazy with ‘what ifs’. Don’t switch your mind off to the things you don’t want to deal with today Pisces. You might be encouraged to explore new opportunities that would provide you with better prospects for your future.