Aries will be content to spend the day at home this Sunday.



This Sunday Aries goal will be to make their household a relaxed and happy place to be. Small changes and even home furnishings can help to make the place seem a lot more comfortable for everyone. A more tranquil atmosphere could also improve relations with your family members.


It’s very possible that this Sunday will provide Taurus with the opportunity to meet and indeed speak with someone whom they find inspiring. The conversation that takes place will be the starting point for your future plans and endeavours. It could also encourage you to have more self-belief, which is important.


Gemini, your kind and giving nature will shine through today and if the chance to help someone out arises (even if they are a compete stranger) you will not miss the opportunity. The effect that this will have n someone else will make it all worthwhile.


Cancer, it seems as though luck will be on your side throughout the day and this will inspire you to take some chances and risks that you would normally shy away from. It looks like the possibility of romance between you and someone whom you have feelings for, is likely!


Money worries and financial issues may have been something you have had trouble with lately, however starting this Sunday it seems as though this will be a thing of the past. You will be able to manage your accounts in a more efficient manner resulting in more success going forwards, Leo.


Virgo, if you’re somewhat artistic or are very talented when it comes to all things creative then this Sunday looks like it will provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore your options as well as giving you countless moments of inspiration.


Boring as they may be, but a necessity nonetheless Libra, household chores and the somewhat mundane tasks of everyday life will be waiting for you this Sunday. It would be wise to make a start on them sooner rather than later, allowing you some time in the afternoon to enjoy the remaining weekend hours.


It would be wise for Scorpio to postpone and long trips they have planned or maybe to rethink their travel plans if possible, as these may be more successful at a later date. Unfortunately you may be feeling a bit unwell today also, so rest and relaxation are a good idea!


Love will be in the air for Sagittarius today, so make the most of this and spend the day with your significant other! Avoid busy places and large crowds if you’re not into these types of surroundings. You may need to be on hand towards the evening time to offer support to someone who is going through a rough patch at the moment.


You and your co-workers are likely to be sending a lot more time together over the coming weeks so it’s best to put any differences aside and work towards a shared goal. This common interest could be just the thing needed to put past grievances behind you!


Aquarius, you will be content to sending this Sunday working on more practical aspects of your life, such as your finances; working out a way of making your money last a little bit longer is something you will be keen to figure out. If you are owed a sum of money, then perhaps you should ask for it back!


Pisces, drams will surround you this Sunday but it may not be directly related to you; instead it will be the things that are going on in the life of your friends that will cause you some concern. Therefore any plans you had for today are likely to be forgotten about swiftly.