Love might be in the air today, Gemini.


It would be a better idea for Aries to save a little more rather than spending all of their money in one go today. This will benefit you greatly in the long run, whether or not you can see it right away. The possibility of buying something overprices is very likely.


Taurus, try not to turn people against you throughout the day as you may be prone to mood swings and bad humour. While you may not be able to help this, do try to limit the amount of times you take your feelings out on the people you care about.


It looks like love will be in the air for you this Sunday Taurus; you might run into an old flame or perhaps meet someone new. Either way, you will be very content. Look beyond their appearance and give an unlikely person a chance as they may surprise you.


Spending time in the company of people who are wise and have a lot of good advice to share with you, will be something that Cancer will relish in this Sunday. Unlike usual, today you will not be in any rush and won’t have other, more important, things to attend to.


Leo, today your love life is set to improve. If you’re currently in a relationship, you and your partner are set to be in a really good place and will finally see eye to eye on something you have both previously argued about a lot.


Virgo, having your own space and time to do as you please today will be something you will work very hard to protect. Being surrounded by other people all day, is not something that is likely to appeal to you this Sunday. Ticking something important off your chore list will help you to rest easy.


This Sunday will provide Libras with loads of chances to relax and catch up on some much-needed sleep. Your close family and friends will help you to forget about whatever it is that has been on your mind lately and causing you some unnecessary stress.


If finances are a little tight at the moment and you’re working hard to stick to a budget, then people will find it very difficult to change this today. You won’t be easily enticed to go on an impromptu shopping trip anytime soon!


Sagittarius will have all the luck in the world this Sunday so it would be a silly mistake to let this go to waste. If you have been afraid to take on a new challenge lately then today is the perfect time to put these fears to rest and go for it!


Public displays of affection – that you may have avoided at all costs in the past – will not make you as uncomfortable as on previous occasions this weekend. If you’re trying to choose between going out or staying in, a cosy night y the fire will be much more appealing.


Rest and relaxation will be what this Sunday is all about for Aquarius this weekend. That said, there is a chance that in the early hours you may be inspired to take on a new and exciting project. Remember though that you only have so many hours in the day so don’t expect to finish everything immediately.


You might find yourself without something that is very important to you today. Take care that your trusting nature and carefree attitude (and sometimes carelessness for that matter) does not land you in some sort of trouble. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you out if you need it.