Your excitement will be hard to contain today, Virgo. 



You might discover that you have an underdeveloped talent and decide to do something about it. The things in your life that have been causing you stress will become much more clear as the day goes on. You will be eager to get things done today Aries and with a positive attitude at that. You will easily be able to handle any troublesome tasks that come your way. The morning time looks like it will be the best for Aries to try out new things, or make some big changes.


Today, most of your time and energy will be spent looking after family members or taking care of things at home – these are your most important responsibilities and you enjoy the challenge. If the day is nice, some fresh air or a long walk in the countryside will be healthy and enjoyable. Try not to allow other people to influence your life in a negative way and don’t follow any advice you don’t believe in.


You are likely to have lots of good luck today Gemini, where you will be drawn to the things in life that are fun and exciting no matter where you find yourself. However, it is always wise to be careful and not get too carried away when carrying out dangerous sports or activities. If you are feeling like the glaring eyes of other people and their expectations of you are making you uncomfortable and feel under pressure, don’t concentrate on their opinions and instead focus on what is the right thing for you to do.


You would be wise to spend some time alone this morning Cancer, as it will help you to unwind and concentrate on the things you haven’t had a chance to pay much attention to lately. If you’re in the company of other people, then perhaps enjoying a creative activity or doing something artistic could also help? Even though it’s natural to base what we know on the things we’ve experienced, maybe it’s worth adopting a new perspective?


Lucky for you Leo, today you will be surrounded by great people who are all vying for some of your attention. You might bump into them when you’re out and about taking care of errands and chores or possibly even far away in another country! Either way, getting out and about in a social setting will be what will interest you the most. If you’re inclined to feed off other people’s emotions, then perhaps you should keep your distance from those who bring you down.


Your excitement looks like it will be hard to contain today Libra, so try to remain professional if you are in a business setting. Perhaps your expectations of other people (and possibly even yourself) are a too high; if you endeavor to keep them a little more realistic this will reduce the risk of disappointment in the future. If friends seem to be flaky with plans and arrangements it probably has more to do with them, than it does you.


A manager or a person in a position of power could put too much pressure on you; as long as you are doing your job to the best of your ability that’s all that can be expected of you and your hard work will be worth it in the end. You are likely to feel bad about the things you would love to have more time for but unfortunately you don’t; feeling guilty is pointless as you simply cannot make halves of yourself.


Scorpio could be about to enjoy an unexpected trip today that will see them take off for an adventurous location. However, remember that every decision you make will have consequences later on. If you’re not taken up with any interesting offers just yet, don’t fret because exciting invitations could be around the corner. If you have spent time and money on a project or something you feel strongly about, you will not give up on it easily.


This Sunday is the perfect opportunity for Sagittarius to get involved in social activities – if there is something happening that involves the whole community, then this is even better! You may surprise yourself with how alert you’re feeling despite having had a hectic few days. Your vitality will have an effect on the people around you and encourage them to keep going also. If you’re experiencing some mixed feelings perhaps it would be more beneficial to address them another day.


It looks like you will have to be ready for anything today Capricorn because whether you’re prepared or not, things are about to get a lot more interesting. Keep in mind though that this is not necessarily a bad thing and that you might even be happier with how things turn out in the end. It’s very difficult to keep other people happy all the time, so be careful that your own happiness is not suffering as a result.


The day looks like it will have lots of surprises in store for you Aquarius and these will be virtually impossible to predict. This could also include the way in which other people do things you wouldn’t normally expect from them or their reactions might be very out of character. You may feel the need to go that extra mile to offer a helping hand if you feel as though someone could use it!


Don’t be too shocked if you find that a situation which has nothing to do with you personally, ends up directly affecting your day. What you do next or the decisions you make will have a lot to do with how badly you have been aggravated. It will be tricky to devote as much time as you would like to your relationship today Pisces.