A secure and comfortable future will be on your mind today, Cancer. 



Your finances look like they will be in good order throughout the day and you should be in a comfortable position to make purchases or perhaps even invest in something for the future. If you’re entertaining at home, don’t skimp on the food and drinks – no one wants to come to a party and leave hungry so embrace your inner chef! While everyone has certain fears and anxieties, it’s important you don’t let these hold you back from achieving all the things you are capable of.


Taurus’ compulsion to follow the rules and remain practical within all aspects of their life will be what other people seek out today, so don’t be surprised if you find that people are coming to you for advice. The desire to travel and experience a different part of the world might be something that you take into serious consideration. The prospect of meeting like-minded people on your travels will be very appealing.


If Gemini has any spending to do then today is the day to do it because finances are likely to be in good order. You will be quite closed off to strangers and will keep the things that are personal to you quite close to your chest. This is not because you are cagey, but because you have had bad experiences with sharing too much in the past. If things are not going your way at the moment and are about as far from what you had planed as possible, relax in the knowledge that there’s always room for improvement.


Establishing a secure future and making sure you will be comfortable in the years to come will be at the top of your priority list this Sunday and no doubt something you will get to work with straight away. If you’re currently putting some money towards your education then you will have a little bit extra to put in the bank today. Frustrations could make you want to give up and throw in the towel, but try to stick with it Cancer.


A lifestyle that incorporates elegance and class is what Leo will aspire to throughout the day and from the looks of things you are heading in the right direction towards securing this. If you’re in a good position in the workplace then your chances of promotion or added benefits are very likely. Something that has been on your mind lately will be hard to forget and remain in the background throughout the day.


Working with people from different places or countries is something that is likely to take up a lot of your time today Virgo, however you will not be resentful of this because they will be friendly and pleasant to deal with. If you genuinely respect and hold your partner in high regard then showing appreciation for their efforts will make them feel greatly appreciated.


Even though staying on the fence is usually the best option, today the opposite will be the case. You might be excellent at saving money and watching your spending very carefully, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something nice every once in a while, especially if you can now afford to do so. Don’t take someone for granted or take advantage of his or her goodness.


This Sunday is a good time for Scorpio to get back to maintaining strong relationships with the important people in their life. This particularly applies to any Scorpio’s who are married or about to do so. While having a trusting nature and expecting the best of people is a lovely temperament to have, sometimes it’s better if you look at situations from a more realistic point of view.


Moving house, home renovations and expanding your living quarters in some way is the perfect thing for Sagittarius to sink their teeth into today. The result will be a more comfortable living space and a major weight lifted off your mind. Being more sensitive and compassionate to the people around you is likely to leave you feeling better about yourself and it will also make your relationships stronger.


Capricorn should make the most of their natural talents and abilities today; you might surprise yourself with your level of skill. The possibility of finding a practical way to use this is also very likely. Be sure to double check any lists or plans you have made recently as you may think that you have remembered all the important things, but something crucial could have slipped your mind.


If you’re considering making a substantial investment into your future then today is probably not the best time to do so as you’re likely to have enough expense taking care of household costs and improvements. Be prepared and know that no matter how organised you are there’s always a chance that something will crop up at the last minute and change your plans entirely.


Pisces, don’t be afraid show off your capabilities and unique qualities this Sunday. Something someone gifts you today could be used to your advantage so keep an eye out for anything useful. The best way to show the people around you that you can be trusted is by demonstrating this to them first hand. Even though everyone is guilty of this, worrying about things you cannot change really is not going to solve anything.