Big changes are looking likely, Sagittarius.



Aries, not thinking things through like you usually do and a tendency to be a little impulsive will be there throughout this Sunday. You may not realise it, but subconsciously you may me doing something in the hope of a desired outcome


Taurus’ are in luck this Sunday because it’s likely today will be a successful one for them. Feelings of harmony and tranquility will be all around. You would be advised to spend some time concentrating on what you want your future to look like and the things you need to work on in order to get there.


Gemini, if your lucky streak has not been showing any signs of slowing down lately then it would be easy for you to fall into a false sense of security; therefore endeavor to remain as alert as possibly, and always be on the lookout for future possibilities.


Cancer, today seems to be your lucky day as it doesn’t look like you will be require to put in too much effort, yet it is likely that you will still get the same outcome in the end. If you’re creative or into artistic endeavours, then this Sunday is a good time to work on these projects.


Issues relating to property or financial matters, are best dealt with sooner rather than later today, Leo. It’s important to remember that certain things you do have an effect on others, so bare this in mind throughout the day.


Virgo, even though you are usually incredibly independent and the opinions of other people don’t mean that much to you, today will be the opposite and what other people think, especially those you are closest to, will count for an awful lot.


Everyday tasks and chores, while at times might become slightly laborious, won’t be too much of an issue for you today Libra. You’ll start work on them early and try to get all pressing jobs finished while you have sufficient time to deal with them.


Scorpio, regardless of how hard you might try to put on a tough exterior, the more sensitive side of your personality will shine through today. This will actually be a rather beneficial thing for you, as others might begin to see you in a different light.


If you have been feeling like a change is about to happen, trust what your instincts are telling you, with regards to your next move. Or maybe you already know exactly what this is and are just waiting for a prompt in the right direction.


Capricorn, the places you find yourself in this Sunday and indeed the people you meet will have a great effect on you. They might inspire you to do something different with your life or perhaps they will just encourage you to be a bit more adventurous in your everyday life.


Things seem to be looking good for you, especially where your finances are concerned today Aquarius. An unexpected bonus or  maybe even finding a surprise bundle of cash in your pocket will make your day! If you’ve made a decision about something recently and are confident that you have done the right thing, then stop second guessing yourself.


Pisces, your artistic capabilities will only become stronger throughout this Sunday. It won’t be too unusual if you draw some of your inspiration from the world around; things such as nature, wildlife or maybe the city that you live in, will all become a starting point.