Take some time to reflect, Cancer.

Today it is better for the Rams to limit their activities to usual routine and contacts. Sources of information, meetings and connections will be of great importance to you. Short trips are possible. During the day you will be prone to intensive pondering over new unusual plans.

The Bulls should exercise some moderation in food, pay off some minor debts and tidy up some of their financial and other documents. This is a good day for doing away with former income generating methods and outlining a new route towards personal well being.

If insomnia takes over you, you will spend early morning in intense pondering and possibly attempts to urgently do something to change your current situation. However, this is not the best day for active undertakings even if they are family in nature.

During September 11, 2016, Cancer’s mood will remain unstable and variable. This is not the day for trying to implement important undertakings. It would be wise of you to dedicate this Sunday to analyzing the results of the past few weeks or searching necessary, relevant information.

Interaction with like-minded people is very important to Leo today. It will be useful to share opinions, do some reading or studying. It makes sense to analyze the results of recent experiments and give some thought to your future.

It makes sense to refrain from unwise statements and hasty actions, especially early in the day. Poorly-thought-out endeavors will bring you nothing but headache (particularly, if you are born in August). You should properly manage your energy and time starting early in the morning.

All day long you will be communicable, energetic and quick-witted. However, you should take care to not overload yourself with personal and/or professional information and interaction. Don’t give your enemies, secret competitors or detractors a reason to become active.

The morning is fraught with disagreements and arguments. Useless hustles and unnecessary conversations are possible. If you sleep in a bit longer than usual, many of your troubles will go away. The information you will receive today will require additional verification.

The Archers should try to partially change their style of communication with partners, interlocutors and competitors. In all ongoing conversations, try to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, since soon you will have to polemize on other subjects or deal with different people.

Tidy your work place up, especially when it comes to your paperwork, computer files and stationary. If you deal with middle-men, means of transportation, sources of information, numbers and facts, do your bare minimum – do not latch on to fundamentally new, unfamiliar projects.

Your children may be inattentive and misbehaved especially at the start of the day. Words may have no effect; so, do not try to discipline or peach to someone. Today you are naturally inclined to socialize, do literary work and search for interesting information.

You may prove to be a toy in the hands of circumstances. You may also be absent-minded, illogical and inconsistent on September 11, 2016. There may be lots of hassle at home. Your family life may become unstable and decrease your confidence in the future.