You might have to settle an argument today, Libra.



There’s a big chance you will get on extremely well with someone who happens to be an Aquarius this Sunday, so don’t rule out the possibility of romance – or maybe even love – developing at some point. Your differences will compliment each other is a nice way.


The more stubborn side of your personality and the part of you that likes to stick your heels in when you don’t get your own way will be very present today Taurus. This is likely to cause you to clash with a friend or family member.


Gemini, your placid nature will be very useful today as the responsibility of finding a compromise to a particularly tricky situation, may well fall on your shoulders. Do your best to talk a more stubborn pal around to your way of thinking.


This Sunday Cancer will have no problem admitting when they have made a mistake and are in the wrong. In fact you will go out of your way to try and make things right one again. You may, at times, feel like you are not acting entirely like yourself.


Leo, today will signify a big change in your life as this is the day when you will finally go about making all of the changes you have been planning for quite some time now. While it may be a challenge to begin with, the end result will be worth it.


There’s a time to be the life and soul of the party and a time to know when you need to be a bit more reserved Virgo, and this Sunday you will realise the latter of the two is what is required. If other people are constantly talking about their goof luck, you will be very fed up.


Libra your talents for diffusing stressful situations will not be lost on your friends today and there’s a big possibility you will be called upon to figure out a disagreement between two people this Sunday. Remaining biased might be tough, especially if you think one person is right and the other completely in the wrong!


If you’re an all or nothing type of person Scorpio, then today this will reach new heights. Anyone who tries to tell you that a thought or opinion of yours is wrong will not be met with a pleasant response. Try and refrain from having an argument where there is no need for one.


Sagittarius spending time n your own will be more appealing than being n the company of other people all day. Therefore if you have the opportunity to get some space or peace and quiet, you should most definitely take it.


It seems as though you will work well with someone who, on paper, would look like your complete opposite. The differences in both of your personalities may actually turn into a positive thing. It’s important to always have at least one person who you can really trust in your life.


Aquarius, it looks like you will be particularly hard to please this Sunday and this ungrateful attitude will not sit well with the people you spend time with. Remember to make a not of good ideas when you think of them, as you might forget your best ones!


Use your intellectual skills to do some good today Pisces and if you feel as though you would be able to offer a genuine solution to the problem going on around you, then what’s stopping you from contributing? Perhaps helping someone out when they need it most will do you some good also.