We met Susie Bubble when she came to visit and talked style regrets… (we have a few!)

These days we constantly trawl the internet for style inspiration and fashion blogs are two a penny, but way back when (2006 to be precise) fashion blogging was a new concept. One of the first fashion bloggers, Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble emerged as an online fashion superstar and we caught up with her at the launch of the ‘Chic Goes Wild’ spring campaign at Kildare Village. Famed for her outlandish style and fashion risks, Susie is a fashion force to be reckoned with. She’s living every fashion blogger’s dream, travelling to fashion weeks all over the world, collaborating with brands like Louis Vuitton and writing for style bible Vogue, all the while wearing a dream wardrobe of Miu Miu, Prada and our own Simone Rocha. But how does an advertising executive turn into one of the most recognisable bloggers on the planet? “Fashion blogging hadn’t really taken off and I really just wanted to do something that was a hobby and related to fashion but without doing a career, ‘cause I just never thought I could work in fashion.” Susie told us. “I came from a very academic background where fashion wasn’t a career path. I didn’t even know that you could be an editor or a stylist or any of that stuff. I was never really that ambitious and I had no career direction. I did History at uni, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I came out, I fell into this job, it was comfortable and I just sort of drifted along and fashion was like my secret hobby.” We had to ask her what she thinks of the army of fashion bloggers now taking over the internet. She said: “People who came after me changed the game so dramatically from when I first started. So I’m really like the ailing grandmother and then the grandchildren are running riot. Fashion blogging has changed a lot though. There are things that I don’t really recognise about it, and things about today’s system that I don’t really like that much.” Susie is a massive street style star, with photographers clamouring to get her picture at the biggest catwalk shows on the planet. She’s instantly recognisable from her outrageous use of colour and disregard for normal fashion rules. While she’s always a fashion hit we wondered if she sometimes looks back on the early days of the blog and wonder what she was thinking. She explained: “I never really look back on things like that, because when I think about things that I’ve worn I think ‘ah, I was really happy wearing it that day’, but times change. Things change. Time passes, that’s kind of what happens! I don’t really think about fashion mistakes.” One look at Susie’s blog had us wondering, what the hell is her wardrobe like! “It’s about a 3m x 3m box. It’s big enough for all my needs. It’s pretty stuffed up. I just moved house and I was like ‘ah I’m gonna get a whole new room for my clothes’, but actually it’s already bursting. So I’ll probably do a clear out, like a charity sale soon!” Please can we have an invite to that! ‘Chic Goes Wild’, celebrating the beauty of flowers,  runs until 30 April at Kildare Village.  See Kildarevillage.com for more details.