Most exercise is good for the mind but this one seems particularly effective

Most exercise is good for the mind but this one seems particularly effectiveIMAGE: Getty

It’s long been thought that exercise and being active is really beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing.

Pumping weights in the gym; pounding the pavements on an early morning run; or a bit of mind-clearing yoga would have been near the top of our lists for wellness-boosting exercise. One we wouldn't have thought was brilliant for taking care of your brain, along with your body, is swimming!

Which is why we were so surprised that over 1.4 million people believe that swimming has had a significant positive effect on their mental health! 

In the UK a survey carried out by Swim England, that huge amount of people believed that going for a swim regularly had significantly reduced the symptom of mental health related issues like depression and anxiety.

What's more, almost half a million people said they’ve reduced the amount of times they visit their doctor about their mental health since they started hitting the water. And about the same again said they have reduced or no longer take medication for their condition.

Out of a group of regular swimmers with mental health issues, a whopping 43 per cent said swimming makes them feel happier, 26 per cent feel more motivated to get daily tasks done, and 15 per cent believe life feels more manageable.

Right. We're off to our nearest pool.

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