we\'re getting to the bottom of our zit-uation...

we're getting to the bottom of our zit-uation...

It's not just because it's that time of the month...

We like to pride ourselves on being quite the skincare experts. We always choose cleanser over face wipes and incorporate a face mask into your evening routine but no matter how hard we try to keep our skin looking glorious...we seem to always suffer from breakouts. Sure, there are certain times of the month where you just can't help it because hormones have their own idea but it turns out, we can be our own worst enemy. 

Yep, that badge of honour we wear with pride because we're skincare queens could actually be the reason our skin hates us. Here's all the super surprising ways you could be triggering your skin. 

You're Constantly On Your Phone

So we know our phones are bad for us when it comes to things like our vision or our self-esteem but did you know they're actually super bad for your skin? There are two reasons behind this. First, your phone uses blue light which is super damaging to your skin. Secondly, your phone is riddled with bacteria. Your phone comes into contact with your hands, fingers, mouth, pockets, desk and handbag on a regular basis so everytime you put your phone up to your face to gab away to your bestie, that bacteria is transferring right onto your face. Gross.

You're Not Reading Your Labels 

We know packaging is pretty and it's easy to be swayed into choosing a rose gold face mask over just a regular green mask. But actually taking the time to read the label is a crucial skincare step. If you're prone to breakouts, you need to stay away from any products that contain mineral oil or silicone as both of these ingredients are infamous for clogging your pores. 

You're Taking Your Anger Out On Your Skin

You'd think that the more we scrub our faces, the better the results. Where in fact, it does the opposite. If you already have a breakout and decide to go havoc on your skin, all you're doing is spreading that existing spot's bacteria across your face meaning it's going to spread. 'Gently does it' needs to become your new memo.

You're OD-ing On Skincare

We're super guilty for this one. Skincare is so in right now and it seems like every three seconds there's another new face cream we want to try but the fact is we can't and shouldn't try them all. Your skin is sensitive and whacking on 50 different types of lotions and potions is going to irritate your face. Figure out what it is your skin needs and stick to one product that helps. 

Your Boyfriend Has A Beard

Look we get, facial hair is hot AF, but your bae's five o'clock shadow isn't doing your skin any favours. We won't bore you with the science behind it but basically every time you kiss your fella and your smooth face rubs up against his hairy mug...you're causing friction. That friction causes his prickly hair to start producing oil which then transfers onto your face and that's how spots are born. Not to mention beard burn, OW.

You Can't Stop Touching Your Face

You know when you're sitting at your desk and your face just falls into your palm or your chin decides it wants to rest on your fist? Yeah, well...that's gotta stop. That keyboard you type on is super filthy meaning you're hands are grosser than you think. Not touching your face works wonders for your complexion, so stop right now.

Your Washing Powder Hates You

Slipping on that roll neck or lying on your pillow that's been washed in a detergent containing super harsh chemicals is a no go. Your skin's interaction with the washing powder can cause breakouts and reactions...and that goes for more than just your face. Got spots on your bum? Maybe give those granny pants a wash in a detergent that's fragrance and dye-free.

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