Much like the duo-tone dressing we spoke about recently, the sandwich dressing rule is an equally easy one to follow and is a surefire way to make your autumn-winter outfits look more streamlined. 

@PernilleTeisbaek is a big fan!

Can't spot what we're taking about in the above pics? It is a bit of a sneaky trend, to be fair. Sandwich dressing has nothing to do with lunchtime orders or Hellmann's mayo, but a simple rule favoured by Scandinavian cool-girls that will mean you'll avoid those nothing-to-wear moments for the foreseeable. 

It involves wearing a matching shade on your top half, as on your footwear, and sandwiching another colour (complementary or clashing) in between. 

Fashion rules can often be complicated, but sandwich dressing is so digestible and will guarantee you an air of pulled-togetherness, without having to spare your sartorial decisions come day or night. 

Scroll down to see how we'll be doing it this season.... 

For Day

Velvet Barrette, €7, Accessorize

Skater skirt, €49.99, H&M 

White leather mid-heel ankle boots, €79.95, Zara

Double-breasted corduroy coat, €89.95, Zara

For Night 

Non-wired silk-blend bra, €27.99, H&M

Sequin midi skirt, €59.95, Zara 

Flare Heels, €68, Topshop