Staying In Is The New Going Out

Staying In Is The New Going Out

Giving tonight a miss? Don't feel bad about it! Staying in is the new going out don't you know!

While we all love a good knees up from time to time, secretly there's nothing we love more than skipping a night on the tiles and cosying up at home. Fresh pjs, maybe a takeaway and dozing off before midnight? Sounds like heaven. Need more convincing? Just read ahead....

No hangover!

We don't need to explain why skipping a hangover will be the best thing you do for yourself all week. The headaches, the nausea, the crippling fatigue. And that's before we even begin to contemplate THE FEAR. Oh God the fear. Just think, waking up tomorrow 

Think of the cash you'll save

Even if we think we'll go out and spend €40, the second we take a sip of drink #2 we lose all self control and start buying rounds like we're Jay Z. We can easily blow upwards of €100 on a big night out of we're not careful. This is completely unnecessary of course, but tell that to our tipsy selves. So take yourself out of temptation and wake up to a healthier head, and bank balance. 

Super Sundays

Can you remember the last Sunday you woke up with no hangover? If not we'll remind you what it's like. You wake up nice and early, make yourself a coffee and get back into bed. You then proceed to relax for an hour easing yourself slowly into the day. When you get up, it's still a few hours till midday, so you potter around getting ready while taking it easy. You then meet your girls for a civilised brunch, followed by a walk. At this point you still have the rest of the day to meal prep, catch up with family or do whatever else it is that set sets you up for the week. Now, doesn't that sound a whole lot better than peeling your eyes open at 2pm, vomiting and then wasting the rest of the day contemplating what the hell you're doing with your life? We thought so. 

Health Kick

Everyone knows drinking excessively is bad for your body, but it's the aftermath where we really do the damage. A hangover sends us into a spiral of bad eating, where we can't seem to physically get enough carbs in our gobs, while simultaneously necking 5 cans of Coke, minimum. We've been known to hit up the Just Eat app twice in one day. Just think of all the crap you won't even be interested in eating tomorrow! Win Win. 

Smug Life

Of all the benefits of staying in, of which there are many, we think getting to be smug tops the list. When your friends are moaning about having no money, being wrecked and worrying about what they said and did the night before, you can regale them with stories of your early morning run and new superfood smoothie recipe. Just try not to be too much of an arsehole, ok?