Can you remember yours?

I was recently asked what was the best Christmas present I ever received as a child and after thinking about all bikes, Sega Mega Drives and the usual crap one thing stood out far and above anything else. Christmas 1997 was pretty special – I was given two tickets to my first concert, the Backstreet Boys in The Point. Not that it was a surprise – I had literally hounded my parents for them. I distinctly remember waking up the day they went on sale and forcing my dad to ring Ticketmaster at least 6 times to check they weren’t selling out. They weren’t – to no ones surprise except mine. This was long before the days of logging on from the comfort of your bed and I was a nervous wreck till I got my hands on them.

My friends and I proceeded to spend the next three months meticulously planning every last detail of our night – from what we were going to wear to memorising the EXACT setlist, pulled from Top of The Pops magazine. I can still remember the mounting hysteria leading up to the day, and while thankfully my taste in music has improved somewhat since then – the excitement of looking forward to gigs hasn’t changed at all.

These days getting my Primavera Sound ticket every Christmas and planning an epic summer trip around it is my Christmas highlight. Endless email streams and whatsapp groups between mates have replaced sitting on walls and reading Smash Hits but the sentiment is the same – it’s just the grown up version of sitting on a wall waiting for The Backstreet Boys. And really, is there any better gift then great experiences spent with people you love? So skip the socks and soap sets and give those you love something they really want, the gift of an experience with a Ticketmaster gift card. #TMGiftCard

If you want to create some of your own memories with Ticketmaster we have a €100 gift card to give one lucky person every week till Christmas. Just tell us about your best gig experience using the hashtag #TMGetsMeIn

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