Astrology-based accomodation

Astrology-based accomodationIMAGE: Ultimo

If you’re fond of checking your horoscope every day, or swear you’re a complete Cancerian or total Taurean, Sydney’s Ultimo hotel will probably for you.

Based in Chinatown, it’s billed as the first astrology hotel, not just in Australia but the world. As well as being achingly hip - did we mention it’s in Sydney? - with exposed walls and cool minimalist decor, each stay is centred on star signs. Yes, you can tailor your visit based on your zodiac sign.  (Plus it’s dog-friendly too which can only add to the good vibes.)

There's an astrology library in the lobby and horoscope symbols all over the place. Guests can receive daily horoscopes, personalised astrology readings and have activities suggested to match their star sign. You can have your birth chart read by an astrologer lady called Penny - but we're mostly intrigued by the 'getting to know yourself' astrology package!

The Ultimo also has suggested food and 'things to do' packages around Sydney, if you want to keep the cosmic happenings happening while you're in town. 

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