still searching for the perfect mascara?

still searching for the perfect mascara?jamienelsonphoto

Say goodbye to clumpy lacklustre lashes...

If you're the kind of girl that likes her lashes to be as black as your soul and as long as the list of people you hate, then it's time to start celebrating because we have just found the ultimate hack to gaining super lashes. 

Finding the perfect mascara is a lot like sneezing with your eyes open, impossible. You want a mascara to give length, curl and volume but apparently, that's just too much to ask for from one formula. Enter: mascara cocktailing. 

Sorry to disappoint but it actually has nothing to do with alcohol. Mascara/lash cocktailing is the latest craze to hit the beauty world and it's the closest thing we've come to actual sorcery. It's a technique that involves layering a few different mascaras on top of one another in order to create lashes you love. 

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Using mascaras that offer different formulas is a sure fire way to get exactly what you want from a product. It also means you don't have to drop a bomb on a high-end brand mascara to achieve lash goals. The technique works for any brand meaning you can mix two budget mascaras together or one budget with one high-end and still get your desired look. 

It's also super easy. Simply coat your lashes with a thickening mascara first, then go in with a lengthening mascara and voila! Lucious lashes. 

We tried the hack last week and loved it so much that we've done it again today! The reason it works is all down to the brush. A thickening mascara tends to have a fat head which gives you that voluminous look where a lengthening brush is far more narrow which not only lengthens your lashes but also lifts and separates the edges.

Damn girl, are they your real lashes? You could have fooled us!

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