Friday 16th February 

Feeling ever so wise today Leo?


The weekend has arrived Aries! It’s been a rough week, with a few laughs thrown in here and there, but you’re most certainly ready for drinks and chats with your mates this evening.


Taurus will be quite particular about what they focus their time and efforts on this Friday and that’s actually a pretty smart move. Why spend hours on a project you could care less about?


Someone you’re very close to will announce they’re leaving work today and the news will come as a total shock to you! You’ll be a bit peeved they didn’t let you know sooner, but mostly you’ll just miss your pal.


Cancer, you’ll be invited to a party this evening and it’s exactly what you need. Don’t be tempted to make up an excuse to get out of it, put your glad rags and highest heels on and have a laugh.


Today will be a funny one for you Leo; on the one hand something pretty s**t will happen, but on the other hand you’ll take something away from the experience. Yes, that sounds a bit preachy but it’s true, you’ll see.


Any decisions you make today that could have an impact on your family – or your future family –  should not be made without a lot of thought going into it first. If you want to change your mind at the last minute, that’s what you should do.


Libra you’ll have a pretty uneventful Friday, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right? You have big plans this weekend, so a stress-free day means you’ll have more time to prepare. It’s a win, win.


Let’s be honest, you’ve never exactly been one for following the rules Scorpio, but today that will change completely. It may not get you the outcome you thought you wanted, but something better will land in it’s place.


You’ll get a bit side-tracked from what you should be working on this Friday Sagittarius, but this could actually turn out to be a good thing, because there’s a strong chance you’ll stumble over something that’s a LOT more important.


You only have one chance to make a first impression Capricorn and today, it looks like you’ll learn that lesson the hard way. Maybe this is the wake-up call you needed to have your game face on, at all times.


If you fancy your chances of winning big, then today is the day when you most certainly should not forget to pick up a lotto ticket. If you are lucky, remember there are good things that you could do with your money too.


Blow the budget today Pisces and have a little fun, it’s Friday – the Friday after payday we might add! Tonight you could end up in an over-the-top but absolutely fabulous, so enjoy every minute of it.