If you think New Look is only for your teenage sister think again, the highstreet chain is hitting street style trends on a Topshop-style level for half the price. And we're obsessed. 

We loved New Look right? We got our first jobs and all through college it was our one port of call for jeans and a nice top. And then we got a real job, got decent (ish) money and started moving up the world. We moved on from €3 bottles of wine and on to street style fashion. Topshop became our port of call and with it we started to think that dropping €60+ on a dress was reasonable. We all bought this dress right? And this top? And we suppose it was. Until now. 

Because New Look has upped its fashion game and is now the go to place for insiders looking to nail the statement dress trend without breaking the bank. Because our weekend brunch habit is hard to break. 

Don't believe us?

Check these out 

Orange spot print satin midi shirt dress, €29.99, New Look 

Orange revere collar double breasted midi dress, €34.99, New Look

Blue spot print button through dress, €34.99, New Look 

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