It looks like romance will be in the air for you today, Pisces.  



While a hug when you really need one is the best thing going, someone who is too ‘touchy feely’ all the time can get a bit annoying; tell your partner if this is bothering you. Instead of a sun holiday this year why not try a city break? Perhaps some sight seeing or a bike tour with the family could be something worth considering.


Tensions could be present between you and the people whom you spend most of your time with. The need to feel secure and safe in your relationships will become very important to you over the coming days. Professional and unfamiliar surroundings could cause you to feel homesick and a little out of your depth.


If you are feeling very energetic and are looking for another outlet to keep you occupied, then perhaps taking up some form of dance could be a way of tiring yourself out. It will also improve your social skills too! Your frame of mind is definite, and decision making is becoming much easier; therefore you should use this time to sort out your finances.


Interacting and conversing with people could be a little bit of a challenge for you today; you may become easily offended and take things the wrong way. Work will see you facing some inconvenient circumstances and issues that will require your time and patience to solve. Having our own opinion and individual outlook is important, but don’t let it cause a rift between you and a friend.


The idea of spending your time attending formal celebrations and traditional events, most likely will not appeal to you today; unfortunately though, you might discover that you do not have a choice in the matter. Get organised and come up with a routine that works for you. A relaxed and realistic approach to exercise is healthier in the long run.


A battle for power between you and your partner in your relationship will ultimately lead to arguments and upset. Avoid this by removing yourself from the situation if you think things are about to get too heated. Regardless of the difficulty of the situation, you will be confident in your ability to handle whatever is thrown at you, Virgo.


The choosy, and sometimes finicky, part of you will be very particular with whom you spend your time with today, Libra. You could be required to show up to a family gathering or some type of get-together. Even though your partner or spouse is clearly besotted with you, if you don’t feel the same way about them it is better to be honest and open about this.


How you view what is happening, and going on around you is getting more intense, however you cannot rely on your intuition alone to see you through. To get where you want to be, career wise, you will need to carefully select the amount of travelling and socialising that you do. If you feel like your body is telling you to slow down and to recharge a bit, pay attention to the signals!


Whatever new projects you take on in your career over the next few days, they will turn out to be worthwhile in the end. Also, it is advisable to do your best to create a better atmosphere at work. Your train of through will be caught up in thinking about your responsibilities and plans for the future. Feeling seductive and alluring will help you in your approach to love.


Those whom you surround yourself with will have to take responsibility for their own actions, characteristics and their attitude towards others. The approach you decide to take today will have a big effect on the success of your ventures. If something you started recently and had high hopes for, is not working out as you had intended, then perhaps a bigger effort will get things moving in the right direction.


Today will be spent taking care of routine work, daily chores and completing any other pressing tasks. No matter where you are in the world or at what stage of life you find yourself in, feeling close to and connected with family is important. You might be feeling a little extra sensitive today Aquarius, but try not to get offended too easily.


Romance is in the air and you should take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. You may slowly begin to realise that exercise can help you not only look, but feel your best too.  Being in the company of family and friends will be very beneficial today Pisces. Any new offers that could change your current circumstances should be considered.