You will have a very successful day, Libra.



Aries today you will find yourself in a not so easy situation and possibly dealing with a very unreasonable person. However if they happen to be a very important client you will have to bite your tongue! Sometimes it’s better to accept that you will never keep everyone happy no matter how hard you try.


An extremely busy Thursday lies in front of you today Taurus, therefore it looks like it would be a lot more beneficial for you to get up early to make the most of the time that you have! Form a plan and go from there, as this is a good way of keeping yourself on track.


Gemini, if you’ve been in any doubt lately about how your other half feels then today you will get the reassurance that you have been looking for. This might be in very small and subtle ways, but very clear nonetheless.


Your insecurities and feelings of inadequacy may get the better of you throughout the day Cancer, however you should try your best not to let these effect your day to day activities too much – or your relationship for that matter! Don’t act on impulse, instead think about the bet way to handle the situation.


Leo, you are likely to be ambitious and extremely determined to get your way today; this could be in a business sense where you want to get ahead in your career, or perhaps you are just acting stubborn. Be clever about who you rely on for help and support and not everyone will be genuine.


The challenges of getting to know someone new will be very obvious to you this Thursday Virgo, where you will have to work very hard and make a huge effort with someone you’ve only just met. Try to find a common interest that you both share and go from there.


Success and achieving all that you have set out to accomplish will b something you will become familiar with today, Libra. Your strong work ethic will contribute to this is a major way. There’s a strong change you will be in for a bonus at work!


Even though you might do this without even thinking about it, don’t put yourself down and knock your capabilities today Scorpio. If you know that you are more that qualified to do something, why limit yourself? Think back to the times when you had regrets and don’t let this happen again.


Sagittarius, perhaps you have been saving very intently for the longest time or maybe you just spotted something that you simply couldn’t be without; either way you are likely to spend your money on a much coveted purchase today.


Your talents and skills in the world of setting up (and indeed running) a business will be out to the test this Thursday Capricorn. Try to use all the knowledge you have acquired over time to make this new venture a success. You may have invested a lot in the project and can’t afford for it to fail!


Aquarius will be confused and possibly even stressed out by the people they encounter today. If you’re unable to decipher what someone else is thinking, don’t automatically assume it’s the worst option. Be a bit more positive about how you feel about yourself and others. The evening hours will see you make some big changes.


There is one thing that Pisces can almost certainly rely on this Thursday and that is the support and advice of someone they know and trust – when you’re in need, this person won’t let you down. If financial issues are becoming a worry, talk to someone who might be in a position to help.