Don’t let your bad mood effect your work, Taurus.



Administrative work and anything that requires you to focus on completing important documentation will be something Aries will have to give their full attention to today. For this reason it would be better (and a lot more productive) to find a quiet spot to get this done.


Taurus, your stubborn streak could make a reappearance today and this has the potential to affect you at work. Perhaps you will find yourself in the middle of a disagreement with a colleague; if this is the case then remember that the outcome will on how you deal with the situation.


Remaining professional and always endeavouring to get the task a hand completed to the best of your ability is one of your string suits Gemini and this Thursday will be no different. Your determination will be as strong as ever and likewise with your work ethic.


Cancer today something or someone, which you thought you had lost a long time ago will make an appearance in your life this Thursday. This will be a very welcome surprise as there’s a big chance you didn’t think this would ever happen again!


This Thursday Leo will have loads of energy and enough enthusiasm to spend the whole day completing important tasks and chores. If you feel as though a certain person is always on your case then don’t give them any reason to find fault with you.


Virgo, if you’ve felt like your social life has been suffering of late then today all of that is about to change, as it’s very likely you will receive an interesting invitation. Even if you’re feeling somewhat anxious about this, don’t be tempted to turn down the opportunity.


Today Libra may find it a bit of a challenge to get up and face the day with a smile. If you’re feeling a bit down, then don’t be too hard on yourself; take some time to yourself and hopefully tomorrow will look a whole lot brighter.


You will be the person that people come to with news or problems today Scorpio and while it might not bother you too much normally, this Thursday there’s a chance that you will become somewhat burdened by it all.


Sagittarius, if you’ve recently invested in a project that has a real possibility of failing then today it would make a lot of sense to put your fiancés into a more secure option. Even if this is not the most profitable right now, it will give you some peace of mind for the future,


Unforeseen problems and delays that couldn’t have been avoided will all be issues Capricorn will have to deal with today at work. Try to keep your cool and remain calm throughout as it’s important to remember that the situation could always be worse!


Romance could blossom for you today Aquarius; if you’ve been getting to know someone new lately then perhaps you will realise that that you don’t just want to be their friend. Moving forwards can be daunting as change is never easy but you will feel great once you have made the decision to do so.


Pisces you will be able to get along with everyone pretty easily today and the conversations you have will not require much effort on your behalf. This is not in a lay way, rather your natural ability to communicate with others will shine through.