Things will really get you down today, Capricorn.

Today Arians will attract the gaze of the opposite sex like a magnet. You’ll be utterly delighted with your success. True, this success won’t facilitate the development of your career – while you are flirting with colleagues, a promising project will be assigned to somebody else.

On the 24th of November 2016 Taureans should avoid being outdoors for prolonged periods. Your immune system won’t handle the load, and you’ll get sick. One more limitation today will be communication with members of the opposite sex. You’ll be surrounded by people with loose morals, and so you would do better not to get close to any of them.

Today Geminis should avoid all unnecessary expenditure. In the evening you’ll go to a shop and see an item which you’ve dreamed about since childhood. Unfortunately you’ll have to admit that you currently don’t have the money for such a purchase. From today on you’ll start economizing to save up money for it.

On this day Cancers are destined to experience a massive failure in their personal lives. You’ll be very interested in a certain young person, but they’ll reject you straight away. You’ll try find alternative ways to win this person’s favor, but success will elude you. Fortunately someone else will turn up to comfort you.

On the 24th of November Leos will manage to make a timetable for work and rest. You’ll work on a labor-intensive project, and in order to not tire yourself out, you’ll allow yourself periodically to be distracted by communication with coworkers. By the evening your task will be completed.

On this day new career horizons will open up in front of Virgos. This will largely be made possible by a person who you have considered your benefactor for some time. Your colleagues will be judgmental of you when your career starts to move forward, and they’ll start spreading rumors behind your back.

On this day Libras will become the victim of some other people’s drama. You’ll try to calm them down, but they’ll actively draw you into their proceedings. In the end you’ll be hurt and exhausted by this conflict, but a younger family member will help restore your morale.

Scorpios are not advised to plan any major changes in their family lifestyle for today. The reforms you plan will have a very different result to what you expected. It’s quite possible that your significant other will take all your suggestions as an indictment.
On this day Sagittarians will give up their old habits. You’ll decide that the time has come to start a new stage in life, with no room for tobacco, alcohol or crazy entertainment. You’ll immediately break the news to your close friends that you are no longer part of their noisy group.

On the 24th of November 2016 Capricorns will be very sentimental and unbelievably vulnerable. You’ll be ready to cry when you hear a colleague’s angry comment, and the criticism of your managers. You’ll hold a grudge against everyone and everything, and decide to lock yourself up in your own inner world.

On this day Aquarians will decide to bring order to their personal living space. You’ll ruthlessly dispose of all the unneeded things and clothes you no longer wear. Later, when you look at your empty cupboards, you’ll decide it’s time to buy a new wardrobe.

Today Pisces will be deeply concerned by the state of their body. You’ll realize that the recent walk in the forest is what gave you the flu. You’ll immediately start taking strong medication, and by the evening you’ll already feel better.