You won’t like crowded places today, Virgo. 



Aries sort our family feuds and differences earlier rather than later this Thursday – don’t let bad feelings and even worse moods linger for too long! Luckily you’re ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently will work a charm.


Be careful about who you spend time with today Taurus and in what capacity as well as you may end up in a bit of hot water with others! While you may have a strong and independent personality, not everyone is as tough as you.


Gemini, why not use the free time you have this evening to organize a get-together with friends you haven’t seen in far too long! Regardless of how busy you’ve been lately, it will be like you were never apart. The people who have the same values as you, will be very important.


Watch out for people who have a slight tendency to take things to heart, even if what you say was never meant to hurt them or cause offence. You might think it’s all good fun but they may see things completely differently!


Leo, your ability to stay in tune with how other people are feeling and their emotions will be very strong throughout the day and this will help you to judge how to deal with whatever situations you might have to face.


Chilling out and spending time relaxing in the comfort of your own home is something Virgo will find very appealing this Thursday. Being surrounded by large groups, in loud and crowded places will be something you would rather avoid.


Libra, you’ll need all your strength today as it seems this Thursday will be a busy day for you. Others will come to you looking for advice or comfort if they have a lot going on, but don’t forget to look after yourself either!


Think twice before you call someone your friends today Scorpio, as some people may not be as innocent as them make themselves out to be. If you have to learn this lesson the hard way, you’ll be sure it’s one you won’t make twice.


Perhaps you’ve let too long go by without getting in touch with someone you used to be very close to; use today to make a fresh start and an opportunity to keep in touch going forwards. If you have an exciting holiday coming up, plan it out in advance!


While being very determined to succeed and using any opportunity that comes your way to better yourself is not a bad thing, try not to forget about the people who helped you to get where you are along the way. Your good intentions may not always be noticed.


Tempers have a strong chance of flaring up throughout the day Aquarius, however there’s an even bigger chance that you may end up saying something you will regret later, if they do. Try to compose your anger if you feel like you may snap!


Pisces, don’t hold onto grudges and things people have said to you in the past. Your forgiving nature will be present today and you will be able to move on and let a lot go. Consider viewing a situation from someone else’s point of view.