Having a plan in place ahead of time will be a good idea for you today, Capricorn. 



Aries, you may have to deal with some inconvenient situations that could cause you a great deal of stress in the morning hours. Be prepared for certain difficulties to crop up throughout the day that will hold you back from completing the chores you had on your (never ending) to-do list. If you’ve been having some troubles in your relationship lately, then these problems may become worse as the day goes on.


Regrettably you are unlikely to enjoy much spare time to do as you please today Taurus as you will be called upon to help someone out or perhaps even lend your expertise to someone who could use your advice. Perhaps you made some choices yesterday that you’re now beginning to regret; use the morning time to try and fix any mistakes while you still have the opportunity to do so.


Gemini’s will get on well throughout the day provided that they follow the rules or plans set out for them, starting early in the morning. If you’re a parent then perhaps you will be a little nostalgic if something reminds you of a time when your children were little. You may also begin to feel as though the number of opportunities you have to be spontaneous and careless are slowly slipping away and this might cause you some anxiety.


It’s best if you hold off on starting new projects or experimenting with new plans today Cancer – on a side note these big ideas won’t make you any more popular with friends or peers either! If you’ve been under a lot of pressure lately it may cause you to look else where for advice and support, however you should carefully consider what ‘words of wisdom’ you take on board.


The beginning of the day is the best time for Leo to get their skates on (metaphorically of course) and endeavour to complete all necessary tasks and chores in the morning time. However if you’re a perfectionist and want to give every job 110% don’t expect to be finished quite so speedily. If you’re not naturally confident in your own abilities then you could find yourself mulling over your capabilities over the next few days.


Virgo may have to put their health first today, regardless of the current financial position they find themselves in. If you’re feeling hard done by because you are unable to do something, just remember that the sacrifices you are making now, will all be worth it in the end. Even though you may have tried to avoid it, today your past may finally catch up with you once and for all.


You will have to be extremely organised and quite rigid with your time keeping in order to get all necessary chores completed in the timeframe required. Regardless of how chilled out and relaxed you tend to be in the morning hours, don’t be tempted to think that you have more time at your disposal than you actually have. An unexpected financial development could mean that you will be in for a bit of a cash bonus in time to come.


Despite your romantic tendencies, you may have to hold off on expressing how you feel today, Scorpio. Instead, you could use this time to devote to any tasks that require your complete attention. Some time alone and working in solitude will benefit you greatly today also. Perhaps you’re self-employed or a number of people work for you, if so then you should endeavour to focus on your management skills.


It would be wise for Sagittarius to take the years ahead seriously this Thursday and focus on finding ways of achieving a secure future. If you find yourself at a bit of a crossroad and are unsure as to what your next move should be, then perhaps you’re better off asking someone you trust for advice instead of trying to figure it all out on your own. If you’re given a tip-off at some point throughout the day, it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt.


Capricorn will fare much better today if they put a plan in place and focus on reaching targets they have set out for themselves ahead of time. While you may be tempted to throw in the towel and go with your emotions, you are likely to be much more successful if you don’t allow yourself to do this. Clashing personalities may cause things to slow down and eventually hinder progress in the future.


Unfortunately Aquarius, today will not be the best day for you to be in the company of others as you may mind mingling with other people more of a challenge than usual. The people around you will be inclined to stay within their limits and this will be surprisingly productive. Working with someone else or indeed a group of people will be something you will have to work on today.


There are things we would all rather forget, however sometimes it is necessary to remember so that we can learn from them in the future and not make the same mistakes going forward. The way you express yourself will have a big impact on the people you meet today. You may be surprised by how much you are affected by something that you hear.