You may have a few delays if you’re planning on going on a trip today, Scorpio. 


Aries is in for an extremely busy day today and it may even become a little eventful at times. This might cause you to become a little bit stressed and overwhelmed; be prepared and get yourself organised well in advance to limit this possibility as much as you can. Staying at home and sorting things out with your family will take precedence today over all other tasks that need to be completed, so don’t feel guilty if you don’t get everything checked off your to-do list.


Taurus will find it very difficult to be anything but neutral today; you will be able to confidently maintain an unbiased opinion on whatever subject you are asked to comment on. Your own personal beliefs or opinions will not sway your decision in any way. You may find that you’re running a little behind schedule due to a delay that could not have been avoided.


Gemini, you would be wise to take your time and don’t feel pressurised into spending your hard earned money this Thursday. If other people are trying to persuade or rush you, stop them in their tracks! Approaching large investments with knowledge and proper resources is absolutely essential. If you jump in feet first, there is a strong possibility you will live to regret your actions at a later date.


Cancer, today you need to stop always putting yourself last and instead, adopt a more assertive approach. Some people may have a problem with this, but you have every right to do so! If you’re a cancer who was born in June, then luckily for you, the trials and tribulations of the day will be relatively small. How you handle yourself in a tricky situation will reflect well on other aspects of your life.


Even though things seem to be going your way at the moment Leo and you’ve been going through a period of great success that has left you feeling somewhat untouchable, it’s probably better if you keep your head down today to avoid disrupting this streak. If you’re beginning to feel a little bogged down with all that you have going on in work, then there’s no problem with taking a few minutes out to relax.


Virgo, you would be wise to stop putting things on the back burner and finally go about making some concrete plans for the years ahead. You may feel like you have loads of time to get organised and get things in order, but time will pass a lot quicker than you think. Keeping relations friendly and harmonious between you and the people you will be in contact with today may require some effort.


Libra, may get the feeling that they are chasing their tail a little bit and instead of deciding on a direction that they want to go in and making the necessary plans to move forwards, they may get the feeling that there is something constantly standing in their way. Remaining safe and feeling secure will also be extremely important to you.


If you’re planning on taking a trip today or perhaps even going to visit a friend in another country, then it is possible that you will be delayed in some way on your travels. Attempting to gain more power and control is unlikely to go well at present. Regardless of how difficult things seem at times, despite it all you will manage to maintain a positive outlook and the attitude to match.


The position that Sagittarius currently finds themselves in may not necessarily be where you thought you would be. It is likely that it doesn’t match certain aspects of your personality, such as the things that interest you, your creative talents and also the people who are important to you. Your social life may also be going through a rough patch were you seem to be the only one in the mood to socialise and have fun.


Capricorn, you may be feeling particularly emotional throughout the day and as a result if you have an important choice to make then it’s better if you put everything else out of your mind in order to make an informed decision. If your other half is acting strange and not like themselves throughout the day, then it would be wise for you give them their space until they are back to their usual temperament.


You would be wise to look after yourself Aquarius, especially where you health is concerned and this may become especially obvious to you throughout the day. Try not to take on too much, this applies to your workload in the office or putting too much pressure on yourself in your personal life because the majority of these are not necessary anyway. 


Allowing other people to get the better of you is not only frustrating, but also very annoying. This might cause you to feel like exploding and saying everything that’s on your mind, but this may not be in your best interest Pisces. If you were planning on starting something very important today, like a creative project or another idea that you’ve had in the works for some time, then it’s probably better if you hold off on this for a day or two.