Spend the afternoon with your favourite people today, Sagittarius. 



Aries, this Thursday it looks a s though you will be free to express your personality and not feel as though you have to act in a way that pleases other people. If you’re into art and creative endeavours there are also likely to be vey successful. This is the time for you to meet up with friends and reconnect with distant relatives.


You will be full of energy and try your best to stay active throughout the day today Taurus; sitting around and lazing about will not appeal to you very much. Having an understanding personality will stand to you also as you may have to be particularly accommodating to other people. Perhaps a decision you have made will not seem like such a good idea now.


Gemini, if you have a talent that you’ve been too shy to showcase this Thursday is the perfect day to show off your skills – particularly if these include something creative or culinary. Regardless of how you see yourself, other people will be able to form their own opinions and some of these might surprise you!


While an independent attitude and a strong sense of determination care brilliant traits to possess, don’t become so headstrong that you forget to care about other the opinions of people who matter to you. Regardless of your feelings on a friend’s current plan, try your best to be supportive of their latest ideas – within reason of course! There is a possibility that the following days will not pan out as you were expecting them too.


You will be ready to take on whatever challenges this Thursday presents to you Leo, and the added boost of energy you have been feeling lately will help this no end. Try to be a bit more flexible with your plans and goals, as doing so could see a lot more opportunities being opened up to you.


Virgo, there’s no use sitting around and waiting for good things to happen (in your career, personal life, or otherwise), you will have to make a conscious effort to make these things happen for yourself! If you’ve been going through a rough patch recently, this is likely to ease dramatically in the next few days.


Libra, even though change can be daunting and somewhat scary at times, now is your chance to finally embrace something new and different. Instead of biting your tongue and not being honest about your feelings, get whatever you need to off your chest – politely, that is – and you’re bound to feel better.


You might surprise yourself by how easily you take to everyday tasks and chores today Scorpio and find that you get them finished in half the time! Even though you will try very hard to put a particular event behind you, it will be very difficult for you to forget about it completely.


Take some time out today and spend it with the special people (or person) in your life – you will be able to make up the time at another stage. Don’t hold on to anger and tension as it will not help the situation and could possibly make things worse over time. If you’ve friends that live overseas, maybe a trip abroad to see them would be something you could look into?


Spending time with family and close friends will make you feel secure and happy today, Capricorn. Perhaps you could use this as an opportunity to tell them about a new venture or project you have been working on lately. Offering your support (and time if necessary) to someone who could really use it will be something you will not regret.


Get in party mode today Aquarius and this Thursday looks like the ideal time to host a party or casual get together with friends. Your natural ability to take charge and entertain will mean that this will be a piece of cake for you! Your relationship with your spouse or partner may also be improving.


Be careful of who and what you spend your money on today Pisces as some purchases will turn out to be great long-term investments and others are likely to annoy you in time to come. Buying a gift for someone you care about will bring you lots of happiness! Even though you might be ready to take charge of a certain area, don’t be too quick to forget about the people who have helped you all along.