You’ll be up for a challenge today, Scorpio.



Aries, romance will be in the air for you today and this is the perfect opportunity to finally let your true feelings be known! You never know – love could develop where you least expect it. The most important relationships you have in your life will have a big effect on you throughout the day.


Today looks like a great time to have a family get-together and spend time with your close friends in a relaxed and familiar setting. Perhaps you have a party or some other large-scale event that you need to get organising! Don’t be too surprised if people decide to pay you an unexpected visit today Taurus.


This Thursday is an ideal time for Gemini to catch up on their studies or an exam them have been preparing for lately. It might also be a good idea to pay some attention to your professional pursuits as well. A short trip or even a drive somewhere appealing will make you feel better.


Cancer, today could be your lucky day as it seems likely you will be in for more than one treat before the day is finished! A meaningful conversation will have a great effect on your mood and could even change your otherwise negative outlook.


Rely on your instincts and bright and cheery personality today to get you through the slightly more stressful events that the day could bring your way. This is your best bet if you have more than one issue to try and resolve. The more beautiful things in life will also appeal to you today.


Virgo, this Thursday you will be savvy and smart when it comes to business deals and particularly where money is concerned. This is sure to have a big impact on your projects for the future. Pay close attention to fine print when signing your name to an important document or binding contract.


Libra will have a pleasantly enjoyable day this Thursday and it seems like the perfect time for them to explore a new hobby or exciting pastime. Why not throw a part for your friends or organize a night out? The more unusual the circumstances you find yourself in today, the better!


Achieving what you desire and getting to where you want to go, will not be too much of a challenge for Scorpio this Thursday. Your communication skills will be strong and extremely effective throughout the day. However, remember to be polite and patient with others at all times.


There will be plenty of opportunities for Sagittarius to explore the more creative side of their personality throughout the day, so don’t pass up on this opportunity if you can avoid it. Try not to spend all your time worrying about what might happen or things you should have done; aim to live in the present!


Your bravery will be hard to match today Capricorn and taking risks (something you would not normally do) will not seem so frightening. You will be less concerned with the negatives and instead focus your attentions on the positives and potential that is there to be discovered.


If your other half is in a surprisingly good mood today, then it’s wise for Aquarius to make the most of it. Use this as an opportunity to spend some quality time together; perhaps you could visit a place of special significance. Making a final decision on a long process will bring you great relief.


Pisces will focus on the task at hand today and will endeavor to complete routine work as quickly and as efficiently as possible today. You might receive some help from a surprising source throughout the day; however, you may discover that you are not in a position to turn it down.