Don’t become overbearing in the workplace in order to get your own way, Pisces. 



Aries is lucky this Thursday as anything they endeavour to start is likely to be a success. However this doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t face any hurdles along the way; remember that you will be able to handle anything that is put in front of you. You may be surprised by someone you are close to,  as they could end up being more of a hindrance than help. An interesting conversation could inspire you and allow you to see things in a different light.


Taurus, you shouldn’t feel forced to be in the spotlight and have all eyes on you if this is something that you are not comfortable with, but do try to ingle and interact with people a little more than you have been doing. If there’s something on your mind that you feel you need to get off your chest, then let it out before it begins to stress you out. Feeling a little unsure of yourself is also highly likely.


Gemini will be loving the high energy and enthusiasm that will surround them today and it will also tie in perfectly with any social plans they have in mind. Although you may not be able to enjoy long meaningful conversations, the people you do get the chance to speak to will leaving you feeling bright and cheery. If you have some ideas that you are considering or perhaps if you’re about to start a new project then it’s worth mulling these things over with people who think like you.


If you’re particularly passionate about something you want to achieve then the possibility of failure is in no doubt a far more frightening prospect. This will resonate most specifically with the Cancerian’s who were born in June. The bigger the effort you put into something Leo, the more likely you are to get something back. You will have a lot going on today and lots of different things to juggle, however you will be able to manage this comfortably.


Leo should aim to make a start on doing whatever it is they are eager to complete this Thursday. Even though you may be feeling positive about the future, other people’s negativity and jealousy could leave you feeling down. Regardless of the mistakes you might make, if there is a lesson learned at the end of it all then that’s the thing you should take from the experience and focus on.


Virgo may experience some difficulties throughout the day and these may either involve household issues or work related situations to do with work colleagues. Unfortunately, things won’t always go your way and this cannot be avoided no matter how much forward planning you aim to do. If you try to let go of past grievances and make an effort to bury the hatchet then, you will feel much better being the bigger person.


Even though it can be very difficult and even testing at times, Libra should try to come up with a way of getting on with the people around them, regardless of their obvious differences. Don’t always worry about being overly-nice to people, sometimes you have to be a little more assertive – people will respect you if you stand up for yourself. Although you might have very little faith in yourself, avoid the temptation to make comparisons with others.


Today Scorpio will easily be able to deal with whatever jobs appear on their to-do list and getting ahead in work will also be a doodle. Taking on more responsibility and proving you are able to handle it, will not only make you feel more accomplished but it might also catch your employer’s attentions. There’s no harm in doing a little bit of matchmaking if you feel like two people would be happier together, rather than alone.


Sporting activities and being active will suit you today Sagittarius and you should take the opportunity to make the most of the fresh air and exercise while you can. A new business venture is likely to be a success if it is related to one of these things. Perhaps someone you like will take you out on a date, which will give romance the chance to flourish. It’s good to know the people you can count on when things get tough.


You might be in for a few surprises or changes to your usual daily routine today Capricorn so be on the lookout for anything that seems strange or odd. Nevertheless it’s not all doom and gloom, as your relationship with a spouse, partner or family member might be about to improve dramatically although you may be so busy you’ll hardly have time to enjoy it. Inspirational people should never be far from sight as they will influence you in all the right ways.


Your communication skills with other people will be strong today and the conversations you have will be productive and progressive. Regardless of this, you will still opt for brief, speedy chats instead. If you’ve recently decided to go ahead with a new business venture or signed a decisive deal, then it looks like good things are ahead for you in this regard.


Don’t resort to becoming domineering in the workplace in order to get your colleagues to do what you want; people will respect you more if you don’t use your power in a negative way. Aim to de-clutter your life by any means necessary – adopt a more paired back and simple approach to everything you do. The want to travel back to a place or location that holds a lot of significance to you will be very strong through the day.