Today’s tasks will be a doddle for you, Gemini.


You will get the most done within the hours leading up to lunchtime today Aries, as you will be feeling particularly productive and alert. But, if you really want to get the most out of the day then it’s best to get up early and don’t let a single minute go to waste.


Taurus, your emotions are likely to be stronger than every today, so don’t be too surprised by this. However, you may begin to feel more sensitive and compassionate towards others, which the people around you will appreciate. It’s best to take a moment for yourself if you feel as though you are starting to get angry.


Whatever task or duty you are assigned today Gemini, you are likely to carry it off without much difficulty. Your determination and desire to succeed will contribute to this work ethic. Endeavour to remain as diligent as you have been lately, and this will pay off end the end.


You and your other half will get on like a house on fire today Cancer, as your communication and honesty with ne another is making a real difference. The more enjoyable things in life, like having fun and being spontaneous are what you will be attracted to throughout the day.


Leo, unfortunately today you will be made only too aware of any financial difficulties that you have been dealing with recently. It might finally be time to formulate a realistic plan that will help to resolve the issue. Family matters and any household troubles should also be taken care of.


You run the risk of spending more money than you expected while on the road or out for a walk. You may give in to persistent demands or secret desires of those you love – you may end up giving them a present.


Be careful what you spend your money on throughout this Thursday Libra, as bad investments and purchases that seemed like a good idea at the time, might actually end up costing you more money in the long run. However, there will be no stopping you when it comes to showering your loved ones with gifts and treats!


Today looks like it is going to be one of those days where you will have to put yourself first and others second. Don’t feel guilty for doing this, as sometimes it is a necessity. Your usual daily routine may be interrupted or changed by someone else’s actions.


Sagittarius, it is likely that this Thursday will provide you with plenty of opportunities to work towards an end goal or result you have in mind. Try not to work continuously on your own for long periods of time; make sure to take breaks and interact with those around you.


Capricorn will achieve all that they have set out to do today if they simply apply their talents and skills to the areas that require them most. Try to find a comfortable work/life balance, so that you feel as though you are not missing out on anything important in your personal life.


Twiddling your thumbs and not exactly overexerting yourself work-wise, is not going to get you where you want to go today Aquarius. While everyone has fears and things they would rather avoid if given the opportunity, you will learn that facing those fears head on may be the only way to go.


Pisces, rely on your intuition throughout the day, as this will help you to handle yourself correctly in any situation you may be in. Use your natural ability to judge how people are feeling and go from there. If you are struggling to see eye to eye with someone, try looking at things from there point of view.