Open your mind to new experiences, Capricorn.

Aries’ interest in rejuvenation and changes including those in the household matters and family affairs is getting stronger. Today you may revisit some smart ideas and make another attempt at implementing them.

This is a good day for having guests over. Serious changes at home like renovations should better be left on the backburner. You should also avoid designing living space and decorating with furniture as well as any other activities with aesthetic flavour to them.

This is a wonderful time for informal communication. You may be successful in art. You will enjoy freedom of interpersonal communication and the opportunity to not follow various restrictive rules and every limiting regulation. However, some borders in human interaction still exist.

When trying to introduce changes into your household life, family existence and relations with your parents, you may run into lack of personal money. Pocket expenses will be somewhat higher that you have originally planned or what common sense tells you they should be.

People around you may exhibit unusual, unconventional needs which may seem overly unique, inappropriate and outside of what is acceptable and moral. Contacts with partners may turn out not how you expected them to develop. Today mutual spousal attraction is increasing.

On September 29, 2016, you should not set a bar for you too high. At work place, there may e laziness, desire of enjoyable carefree time-spending, unique activities, non-stop smoke breaks and friendly get-togethers which you would not mind spending your own money on.

Libra’s need in rest, change of activities, nice company and unusual ways to entertain is increasing. If you have decided to take a day off, you should travel to some place that you have never visited before. Don’t plan your itinerary, number of travel companions and financial expenses in advance.

Today the Scorpions need informal friendly style of communication and this need is quite strong. Spontaneous party with your friends in your place will be quite fun. Even when it comes to your household members, relatives and people you know, you will prefer seeing them as your confederates.

Communication with your closest social circle promises to be rather enjoyable. There may be some unpredictable contacts and trips. You may unforeseeably meet new friends/confederates while on the road, out for a walk or on a short trip.

The Goats may become lazier than usual. You may rethink your financial situation and introduce changes in your list of things to buy. You may develop new unexpected taste for certain foods and certain erotic desires in your intimate life.

On September 29, 2016, it will not be easy for Aquarius to resist beauty or its partners’ intellectual charm. Nevertheless, your current needs may significantly contradict what is being offered to you wrapped as a shiny pretty package. You may also quite dislike the present given t you by someone as a token of peace, friendship or love.

Intestinal, erotic or other excesses may be some of the reasons for your physical troubles today. At work you may be lazy and relaxed. You may be constantly distracted by nice people and talking to them; you may spend more money on occasional whims and require a more comfortable environment for yourself.