You’ll take great pride in your appearance today, Libra.



You might not know the reasons why but today you will find it very difficult to make a decision and make up your mind when put on the spot. If you’re constantly rushing around trying to get to the next place as fast as you can, you might well miss something important!


Taurus, this Thursday will be a pretty relaxed and stress free day for you as you will have little to worry about and all issues you have been fretting over recently will have resolved themselves by now. You should trust your instincts.


It would be better for Gemini to hold off on starting any major new projects for the day as they may not end up as successful as you would have liked – or hoped for! There will be lots standing in your way that you will not be able to change.


You may not be acting yourself throughout the day Cancer as this Thursday, your mood will be a little off. The people you are closest to will notice this and will do their best to help you. However, if you are not open to their friendship and kindness then they may not hang around for too much longer.


Sticking to the plan and obeying the rules will be pretty tough for you today Leo and you will most likely butt heads with anyone who represents a sense of authority. If your gut instinct is to refuse something, then stick with this.


Virgo, this Thursday unfortunately looks like one of those days that no matter how hard you try, bad luck will follow you around. These challenges will present themselves at the most inconvenient of times. Stay strong and remember to ask for help.


Personal appearance and how you present yourself to other people will be very important to you today Libra. You will take great pride in this and therefore may convince yourself that a whole new wardrobe is in order. Don’t go too crazy on the spending though!


Your business partner may loose their cool with you today, and this is likely to be extremely justified on their part. Even though you may disagree with some of the things they say, try your best to take it on the chin and do better next time. Things in your relationship with your other half may not be smooth sailing either.


Fake people and those who only look out for themselves will become very obvious to Sagittarius this Thursday. While you may have tried to give people the benefit of the doubt before, now you will see them for who (and what) they really are!


Talking and conversing with other people will be one of Capricorn’s strong suits today. This will allow you to hang out in larger groups with ease and not feel in any way intimidated. Louder personalities will not deter you from having your say.


Aquarius will be very content to make use of and enjoy the things they do have today, rather than pining for the things they don’t. If you aim to adopt this mentality, long-term you will notice the benefits greatly. Be more confident in yourself and treat yourself to something nice.


Looking after kids or younger relations will be something Pisces will spend the majority of their day doing, this Thursday. You might also find your plans change very unexpectedly due to things you are not able to control. Look for ways to keep your mind occupied.