Be yourself today and always, Aquarius.



Aries, even though you generally prefer to stay out of trouble and don’t like to get involved in conflict, this Thursday may be one of those days where you will have to make an exception. Your opinion counts for more than you realise, and so does your voice!


The things you do and how you do them, may well be what bothers you today Taurus. You may be feeling guilty that you are not able to spend more time with someone or contribute as much as you thought you would have been able to a fun project.


Gemini, finalising plans and figuring out what you want to do is something you will work on a lot throughout the day. Odd jobs and random assignments will take up some time also. However, don’t expect to get everything done at once – Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Feeling sympathy towards another person or experiencing feelings of sadness when they are going through a tough time is a very nice way to be. However, you may notice that you are feeling very emotional towards everyone this Thursday Cancer!


Leo, your generous nature and trying to help as many people, as best you can is something you will really try to achieve today. Look to others who do not have the support that they need and see if maybe you could do something for them instead.


Virgo, you’re usually someone who likes to keep their private life private, if at all possible but this Thursday other people’s ability to be so open may be a little off-putting to you. You may have gone a bit OTT on the honesty before and are afraid to make the same mistake again.


This Thursday doesn’t look like it’s going to be a particularly taxing one for you Libra, which you will no doubt be very happy about. An active imagination is fantastic, especially if your job involves creativity or thinking outside the box; however be careful that you don’t looks the run of things!


Scorpio, the things people don’t know about you today are the things you will try and keep hidden. For example others may be surprised by your keen interest in science and history, but you don’t go about announcing this hobby.


Certain things that are currently happening in your community or indeed in the wider world around you, will cause you concern today Sagittarius. Particularly if they are issues which you have little or no control over. Try not to let them bother you too much as you will worry yourself silly!


Your cautions and slightly stand-offish nature, may well be the things that people notice most about you this Thursday Capricorn. However if this is not necessarily the way in which you would like people to think of you then perhaps you should do something about it?


Always the one to be an individual Aquarius, and there’s nothing wrong with that! This may stem from your difficulty in finding common ground between you and your friends or colleagues. As a result you may have started to think very differently to your peers.


Pisces, follow your own course this Thursday and don’t be tempted to change your mind or opinion, just because someone else is forcing you to do so. Your natural abilities and skill sets will really shine through with minimal effort on your part.