You’ll be able to converse freely today, Leo.



There’s a big chance that you will find yourself in a bit of an awkward situation at one point or another throughout the day Aries. This might turn out to be a big misunderstanding, or perhaps something you said was taken the wrong way. Whatever the case, try to avoid situations like this in the future.


Taurus, if it is not in your nature to be impulsive and to rush into things without thinking them through properly, don’t feel the need to change this just because others have a different outlook. Your carefulness allows you to be confident when you do make a decision!


The people you talk to and indeed the conversations you will have this Thursday will be very interesting to say the least Gemini. Some of the things said and the information you learn, may surprise you. Don’t allow someone else’s bad mood to make you feel the same way.


Cancer, if you have lots of energy this Thursday and a lot of tasks requiring your attention, then you would be advised to make the most of the day and get cracking with your to-do list! The longer you out things on the long finger, the longer it will take to get them finished.


Your sociable nature and natural ability to interact well with people and feel comfortable in social situations, will be a huge benefit to you this Thursday Leo. You won’t have to put in a large amount of effort in order to excel at something, however don’t use this as an excuse to let your standards slip either.


Virgo, this Thursday will provide you with loads of opportunities to be exactly the kind of person you want to be! Don’t let someone else tell you who you are, or who you’re not! It seems likely that this confidence and self-belief will allow you to achieve lots of great things.


Even if you think you have the perfect solution to someone else’s problems, be very careful about how you go about trying to solve these. Regardless of how good your intentions are there’s a chance everything could backfire and you will be the one they blame.


Scorpio, if you have a bit of a tendency to overreact to things, particularly if you get angry easily and suddenly, then today you will have plenty to keep you busy so the chances of this happening are very slim. Say something kind to a friend, it might just make their day.


Try and get all of your chores finished early this Thursday Sagittarius, so that you have the rest of the afternoon to do as you please. You are likely to feel a great sense of accomplishment when everything is gone so what are you waiting for? Be more productive!


Capricorn, your determination and desire to success will not you from throwing in the towel and quitting when things get tough. Remember to rely on your ability and keep going, even when you feel that you can’t. Forget about the people who don’t encourage you as much as they should.


While you might be looking for a change of some sort in your life Capricorn, be cautious about how you go about making this. Sometimes it’s better not to rush into something and to take some time to really think about it first. You may be very glad that you did this in the end.


Pisces, you may not be feeling quite like your usual self today but that’s OK. Everyone feels a little “off” from time to time, so maybe you just need a few days off and you’ll be back to yourself in no time. Some rest and relaxation might be just what you need.