Believe in yourself today, Pisces.



Aries, this Thursday it seems as though you will be more determined than ever to succeed. This might be a huge task that you’ve been working on for a long time, or even a small project that you think will actually be quite enjoyable.


If you and your partner have been going through a bit of a rough patch lately, then today might be a good time to finally sit down and try to sort things out. Even if you both feel the other person is in the wrong, it’s worth hearing them out.


Gemini, today you may struggle with simple things such as making a decision. However if this is a big decision that will require you to take some time to think it through carefully, then this is a different story. In general, try not to over-complicate things.


Don’t be too quick to dismiss things this Thursday; regardless of whether you think they’re going to work or not, approach things with an open mind and you will be surprised by the difference this could make. You may notice that the people in your circle are in a very good mood.


Leo, you may have a tendency to look at things with rose tinted glasses from time to time, particularly if you’re trying really hard to see what you want to see rather than what’s really there. Perhaps being a bit more honest with yourself will help going forward.


If you’ve something important to say today Virgo then maybe you should consider coming up with a more exciting and interesting way of telling people your news. Don’t forget to socialise with friends, despite being very busy!


Libra, you certainly won’t be in the mood for people who are confrontational or looking for an argument today. If you feel that someone is on your case for no reason in particular, they’ll learn pretty quickly that you’re not going to rise to their tactics.


It’s possible that someone may misunderstand you in someway today. Perhaps your passion for a particular subject is coming across in the wrong way. If someone agrees with your way of thinking then that’s great, but don’t force them too.


Sagittarius, it seems like it would be a good idea for you to take into consideration the feelings of the people around you, a little more often. You may not have noticed that you have been forgetting about them but once you do, you are likely to do your very best to make amends.


If your career and other commitments that mean a lot to you have been eating into your free time lately, then you may notice that friends and family will be feeling a little left out today Capricorn. Try to find a good balance your work life and your social life.


Aquarius, you will have a big influence on others today and it’s likely the people in your company may try to emulate certain things about you, like your sense of style for instance. If so, take it as a compliment rather that feeling a little bitter about it.


While your ability to decide something quickly might not be your strongest trait Pisces, this Thursday you may be surprised by how confident you feel when you trust your instincts and go from there. It’s helpful to remember that your first instinct is more often than not, the right one.