The effort you have been putting in at work will pay off today, Leo.


The conversations you will have with people today will be less aggressive and calmer than in recent weeks. Keep in mind though that you still have things you want to achieve so complete relaxation is looking unlikely. If possible try to find a common link between you and someone you seem to butt heads with frequently. It is possible that someone you weren’t so keen on to begin with, is slowly becoming more appealing.


Sometimes, regardless of how frustrating it can be, it is necessary to be patient and let things happen naturally. Perhaps a new idea you have had or a project that you have in mind could do with a little more time, in order to finalise the smaller details; these things can take time so don’t rush. If creativity or hobbies of an artistic nature are relaxing for you Taurus, then you should indulge this pastime today.


You will be smart about things today Gemini and manage to avoid awkward situations and difficult conversations. Someone you are very close to, possibly even a partner or spouse, will be more helpful than usual so make the most of this surprising generosity. If there is a person in your life that does not treat you with the respect that you deserve then you should stand up for yourself and tell them how you feel.


If a boss, manager, or someone in a position of power is in a particularly good mood today then you should use this as an opportunity to establish a common bond. Do something kind for someone else and it may turn out to be a lot more beneficial than you could have anticipated. It’s natural to feel a little bogged down from time to time, but do your best to get out and socialise with friends.


The long hours and dedication you have been displaying in recent weeks will be well worth the effort today, Leo. Grab this chance to take some time off and do something you enjoy for a change – do not be tempted to start your next project for a few days! Perhaps someone has had their eye on you for a while and you have been completely oblivious; give yourself time to think about it before you shoot down any potential dates.


Money issues look like they will catch up with you throughout the day Virgo, so remember to look out for support in an unlikely place. It could be something as simple as a friend offering some casual advice, so listen up! Find the time to make amends with the person or people you have not been getting along with lately.


Tensions could rise and the atmosphere may become a little tense today, between family members or older relations. You should take any opportunity that is given to you if it means you will become more organised in your daily routine. Don’t panic if you start to feel a little anxious over the coming days, this will pass and you should get back to feeling normal in no time at all.


Be careful with your words and take care of how you phrase things today Scorpio, as any confusion could be taken the wrong way. If possible keep today free from drama and instead spend it with the people whose company you enjoy. Avoid brining up any subjects that have the potential to cause an argument.


Your sensitivities will be heightened today Sagittarius and you will be more affected than usual by the things that people say. Try and ignore the negative and focus on more positive things in the days ahead. Take the time to do something for yourself also; it’s not selfish to put yourself first from time to time. Your chosen career looks like it will become more successful for you.


The energy that you feel surrounded by today will be calm, nurturing and fun. The extra time and effort you have been putting in at work recently, will soon pay off and all the long hours will be worth it. Pick your battles and only speak your mind if you feel it is absolutely necessary; nobody wants to have a argument for the sake of it!


It will be very useful to have someone you trust completely around today; good friends are hard to come by so keep them close. This will also help to lift your spirits and keep you in a good mood. Even though you may be extremely excited about all the new ideas and projects you have been thinking about lately, it’s best to concentrate your attentions on the most favourable one.


If you are planning on signing on the dotted line for something important over the next few days, then it is imperative to have all the information you require before making any final agreements. Try to appreciate what you have around you and by adopting a calmer attitude, you will be better equipped to deal with any difficult situations that may arise.