Being honest with people could do you a lot of good today, Libra. 



Enjoy being in a good place with your partner and don’t allow other people to spoil that for the both of you. Any issues relating to timekeeping or becoming more organised should be dealt with before the afternoon. No matter the topic, a long talk discussing the things that are bothering you will help the situation. This will free up time later in the day to do something you enjoy.


Being open and friendly towards the people around you will have a positive effect on your social circle, as it will help you to engage with people and make new friends. Do not put your hopes for the future on hold indefinitely because time will pass you by quicker than you realise. Adopting a more calm and reserved approach will be very helpful today, Taurus.


Problems at work, that don’t seem to be going away, mean than you will have to dedicate a large portion of the day to getting things back to normal in the office. Perhaps you have something important to say or a point to prove, this statement should be made in the morning time for maximum impact. If you are studying or preparing for an exam in some way then today looks hopeful in that regard.


In order to meet new people, and perhaps even fall in love, you will have to be prepared to put yourself out there; don’t take rejection to heart as there are loads more opportunities out there. If you are feeling a little disillusioned due to someone else’s throwaway comment, then put those thoughts out of your mind and focus on what you had planned. Workwise, things are going well with your career.


Various obstacles may get in your way today Leo and stop you from completing what you had planned on doing today, Leo. Whatever crops up is likely to be urgent and you should attend to this as soon as possible. Should you have a conversation with a boss, manager or someone in a position of authority today, try to remain calm and composed throughout. Do not loose your cool!


Your relationship with your other half looks like it will get a new lease of life today and this will bring you both a lot closer. Now is the time to stop putting things off, stop over thinking and just get to it! Be cautious with what you tell those around you because they may end up discussing personal aspects of your life with other people.


Even if being open and honest with people isn’t really your thing, you could surprise yourself today by telling someone something you have never shared before. This could bring you a lot of comfort, and possibly even additional support, but be cautious about who you speak to. Kindness and a friendly attitude are great qualities to possess but it is advisable to use them in moderation.


It is possible that any projects you have been putting your time into lately could be brought to a stand still this morning because other people are struggling to agree and get along. Regardless of how happy you are to get on with things independently, perhaps you will begin to doubt your relationship with someone whom you have become very close to in recent weeks.


Dining with friends and enjoying the company of people you can relax with will be something you should make plans to do today, Sagittarius. Unfortunately you may end up having to cancel important plans with someone special like your spouse, partner or child; this will be the wake up call you need to finally become more organised and to manage your time more efficiently.


A clash or an argument with someone in your family or possibly even your parents, looks like it is imminent today and you should be prepared for this, especially in the morning hours. If you feel the need to get something off your chest, be careful that you do not offend people in the process. Perhaps the thought of completing household chores and day-to-day work is just too much today and if so, don’t push yourself.


Fiery confrontations could be in your path this morning and you might be caught in the middle of them, regardless of your good intentions to keep discussions civil and calm. Someone could go behind your back and do something very unexpected leaving you hurt and surprised. The best solution to these problems is to remove yourself form the situation and try to be the bigger person.


The usual troubles that do not bother you that much will seem like a bigger deal than they actually are this morning. Try to maintain a positive approach when you feel as though the challenges you are facing are multiplying by the day. Something may have taken place in the last few days that has left you shaken and not as confident as you usually are. Money worries will also be on your mind throughout the day.