You may be feeling a little on edge today, Gemini. 



Today could see you spend some time thinking about your current living situation and also how your family is feeling. You may also start to be more nostalgic as the day goes on and again the people closest to you will become the center of your attention. While being organised and having a plan of action for the future is always advisable, it might be a good idea to take things one day at a time for the foreseeable future.


Your ability to take in and retain information, or any important news that you receive, will only get stronger. Everyday tasks and routine chores will need to be taken care of along with keeping an eye out for family and friends. If you haven’t seen or been in touch with your siblings in a while, then now is the time to arrange a meet up! Even though the thought of doing something new and unfamiliar can be daunting, you might feel a whole lot better afterwards.


A feeling of uneasiness or anticipation may plague you over the coming days as you might feel like something could happen at a minutes notice. The worst thing to do is sit around and wait for the event, try to stay busy and keep your mind active with other things. Be open to the ideas of other people; even if you do not agree with what they are saying, allow them sufficient time to speak.


The things you do today and the decisions you make will be directly related to how you are feeling and the current situation you are in – home life will also have a big effect. They say change is as good as a rest, so if you are in need of a little inspiration consider taking a trip and experience somewhere new. If you do not feel like you’re in the right frame of mind to commit, do not allow others to pressure you to do so.


If you’re feeling a little bit ‘off’ and not yourself today Leo, and are unable to find a reason as to why, then perhaps you are coming down with something and you should rest up. Think about the amount of hours/days you have been working lately, maybe the reason behind your illness is exhaustion and fatigue. Because of this, your happy mood and cheery spirit will not be as chirpy as  usual.


A disagreement between you and your other half could put a damper on your plans today Virgo. In order to smooth things out, consider going to a place that is familiar and sentimental to you both to talk things through. Do not go in with a defensive attitude, stay calm and be willing to compromise. Before you start to slightly regress due to added pressure try to have your most important projects finished by the evening time.


This Thursday is the perfect opportunity to go over any family issues that need sorting out and also anything that has been on your mind in the workplace. A partner or confidante is the best person to discuss your troubles with. Maybe your schedule could do with a bit of freshening up, in order to allow you more free time to spend doing the things you love. Any new opportunities that come your way should be taken seriously.


Avoid holding any important discussions today, as it may not go to plan. Any long journeys or travelling you are hoping to do should also be put off for another time. Scorpio could loose some valuable time during the day due to some confusion and crossed wires. Reconnecting with others and spending time with those you care about could be very rewarding for you.


A monotonous schedule can sometimes lead to complacency so avoid letting your everyday routine turn into a bore as you may run into a few difficulties over the next few days. While international problems are important, your attentions will be more concerned with what is happening in your own life. People may come to you for advice on a tough situation and your responses to the issues raised will be crucial.


Even though you might not take offence to people pointing out your flaws and regularly do it yourself, other people can be more sensitive so be aware of the words you choose to use. You will need to be particularly tactful when telling a partner or spouse something you know they will not like hearing. Be clear in what you are saying and have concrete reasons to back your statements up.


Regardless of how sensible you are, and even though you generally make sound decisions, it’s always advisable to take care when going about your day-to-day routine. Don’t be lazy today; even though the temptation to order in your dinner or desert (or both) may be there, try to refrain from indulging your every wish. Taking sides in an argument rarely ends well so aim to stay as neutral as possible while the squabbling goes on around you.


Unfortunately it looks like you will be affected by the dramas of the day, a bit more so than usual Pisces. The ability to feel emotions and allowing oneself to indulge this from time to time is perfectly acceptable, however your emotions should not be dictating your daily life. Connecting with other people could be challenging today Pisces and this could lead to some confusion.