You may have a tendency to overreact today, Virgo. 


Your desire to improve your finances will only be getting stronger today Aries, and you will actively seek out ways to become more financially secure. You will also be inclined to get more creative as well. Your romantic side and desire to love and be loved will be ever present, so do not turn down any potential opportunities for romance.


Perhaps you have made a very important decision in the past few days or maybe even signed your name to an official document; it is likely that you will be forced to reconsider your actions, as they will have an effect on your future. The people you spend your time with will be more easily offended today so be careful with any comments that could be taken the wrong way.


Take care if you are travelling or going on short journeys today Gemini. Spending large amounts of time with the same group of people can be a recipe for disaster, so take regular breaks to clear your head and avoid arguments by walking away from any heated situations. Now may be the time when you will have to make some big changes, but these should all work out for the better.


Today is your chance to break from your normal daily routine and do something fun that you enjoy. A little spontaneity does the soul some good! Regardless of the effort you have been putting in and no matter how hard you try, it may feel like your best simply isn’t good enough, Cancer. However try to focus on the positives and look at all you have achieved so far, if you’re feeling down.


Leo may be in for a surprise today and it may happen when you least expect it. Why not do something unexpected that you would normally run a mile from? Challenge yourself with a new hobby or project. It’s a good idea to remain calm at all times, no matter what type of situation arises – this will help you to feel more in control and you are less likely to feel over whelmed.


Other people, and possibly yourself included, may have a tendency to overreact to the smallest things today Virgo which will make things pretty difficult, particularly where our career is concerned. If difficulties arise throughout the day, it is a good idea to go about solving these from a different angle – it helps to think outside the box! If you are planning on testing your strength and endurance, preparation is key.


Today will be a lot more exciting that you will have anticipated Libra so keep an open mind to any invites you may receive. If you have any pressing tasks to complete at work it is best to get these out of the way so that they are not hanging over you all day like a dark cloud. You might feel like there are some things you cannot control, no matter how hard you try!


Its not advisable to start any new projects or important tasks today Scorpio. If you are under severe pressure you may notice that some old habits, you thought you had kicked to the kerb, may being to rear their ugly heads once more. It’s perfectly normal to feel hard done by if you feel like you have been overlooked for a prize or a promotion in the workplace.


Temptations will be rife for you today Sagittarius so the best way to avoid getting into trouble is to go about your normal day-to-day routine. Stay focused at all times! Be careful about whom you choose to open up to; sometimes people are not as trustworthy as they appear to be. Restlessness may get the better of you and a desire to travel and explore will be on the mind.


Even though you have chosen to not follow the crowd in terms of your life choices, expect some minor complications along the way. This is inevitable for everyone at some point or another! Your creative spirit will be ever present today and you will be drawn to both artistic things and artistic people who encourage and inspire you.


While we are all guilty of acting on impulse from time to time, it’s always best to think a situation through before saying something silly or making any irrational decisions. Avoid altercations or disagreements with other people; a difference of opinions does not have to mean an all out battle. This applies to both your career and personal life.


While you seem to be more fortunate than most in terms of your good luck and ability to land on your feet, do not always count on this as it may fail you when you need it the most. Working hard and being prepared are the best ways to avoid this. Having a quite self-confidence is great and very reassuring, however there is a fine line between than and cockiness, so avoid crossing it.