Your responsibilities will be right in front of you today, Leo. 



The start of the day could bring with it some tension between you and your other half, but don’t worry too much because it is likely to pass by the time the afternoon arrives and you two will be back on track. Your responsibilities and the things you cannot afford to forget about will keep you motivated and busy throughout the day. The creative and artistic side of your personality will shine through.


Taurus is lucky this Thursday, as you will find it easier than usual to access the information you have been looking for. Don’t squander your time (or money) if you should be concentrating on a new job, household commitments or prospective opportunities. Perhaps there is someone in your life that could do with a shoulder to cry on and someone who needs a little extra support from you over the next few days.


Gemini is likely to go through the day without much trouble, however it’s always wise to keep and eye out and be prepared for the unexpected. The possibility of an old grievance raising it’s head again will play on your mind a bit. Even though you may have gone through a difficult situation recently, it might do you a lot of good to pour what you learned from that into something more positive.


It’s important for Cancer to remember to listen to what other people have to say and listen to other people’s point of view (even though you may not agree completely with what they’re opinion). You might have what seems like a fairly normal dream over the coming days, but it may actually be a sign that you should or shouldn’t do something. You might also get the answers you have been looking for regarding an important relationship.


Today Leo will find themselves, now more so than ever, aware of their responsibilities and what other people expect of them. This is not necessarily a bad thing and it could actually help to keep you on track going forwards. Perhaps you are self-employed and currently run your own business, if this is the case you cannot afford to procrastinate on important tasks.


If Virgo is considering taking the necessary steps to make things more comfortable and less hectic in their personal life, then today is a good time to go about this. However you may find it more difficult to be honest about how you’re feeling so this should also be taken into consideration. Keeping things guarded and close to your chest, while not always advisable, is sometimes necessary.


Completing routine work and any chores that need to be done around the house are tasks that Libra could do with investing some time into completing today. The people in your family or friends who you are very close to may need some extra help and you will be more than willing to lend a hand. Why not take a little trip and go visit family members or relations that you haven’t seen or spent a lot of time with recently.


While you’re usually extremely professional and know how to act appropriately in any given situation, today you might be able to relax a little bit more in this regard. You might get a the offer of a raise or promotion from your boss and this will be a key factor in your motivation and willingness to apply yourself more thoroughly going forward. Someone may come to you in need of advice.


Sagittarius could find themselves a good bargain today or perhaps even make a very wise purchase and at a very good price at that! If you have some work to get done in terms of household bills, paperwork or important documents that need dealing with then you are likely to get these completed quickly and efficiently this Thursday. Sometimes it’s better to start small when your considering making a big change, otherwise it might begin to get overwhelming.


Perhaps you have a bit of last-minute studying to catch up on and if so then Capricorn would be wise to knuckle down and get this completed earlier rather than later. Your luck may strike once again when you find yourself in the right place at the opportune moment. You would be wise to make the most of the opportunities you have been given. It’s possible that you and a casual acquaintance will become a lot closer.


You might be a lot of things Aquarius, but short of things to say today will not be one of them. A secret project or something you have been working on that you have chosen not to tell others about, will keep you occupied throughout the day. If you have been considering furthering your education lately then you should begin to consider this more carefully.


Thinking ahead and planning for the years to come is always a wise move, so Pisces should really think about their current situation and the ways in which they could improve this going forward. Coincidently this might also provide the answer to a ongoing issue you have been dealing with also. Old fights or uncomfortable confrontations that you have had with someone in the past may begin to work themselves out today.