You will be on the lookout for like-minded people today, Gemini. 



Even though you are always there for other people when they need you, remember it’s just as important to make sure you have enough time for yourself Aries. If you’re into expressing yourself and creativity then you should explore this area, however it’s best not to take this too far. Positivity and a good attitude, both from you and the people around you, will be your number one motivator today.


You should make more of an effort to get in touch with close friends and family; regardless of how busy you are, these people may become offended if you don’t return their kindness eventually. Try not to let an argument or a disagreement go to far, instead aim to resolve the issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. If there is something you’re hoping to achieve – sooner rather than later – don’t stop until you reach your goal!


Gemini will be ready to talk things through today and will be on the lookout for people who think the same as they do. The finer things in life, especially anything that is creative or that which you have a passion for, will be the most prominent things on your mind throughout the day. Things may be a little different than they appear so be aware of any small changes that you notice and keep your eyes peeled for anything strange.


You are likely to experience drastic differences between your home life and your work environment, however it is unclear which one will be more favourable. If you’re struggling to make a connection with a work colleague or business associate, try to find some common ground between the two of you – this is always a good icebreaker. A stranger may provide you with a lot of help today.


Leo will endeavour to keep all relations as smooth and as calm as possible throughout the day today, and they will try to apply this to all aspects of their life. If you feel like someone you know has suffered an injustice of some kind, this will bother you very much. Despite your best attempts, you may be starting to feel as though your time and effort aren’t paying off.


Virgo will have to work very hard today in order to make sure that they are allowing themselves and others the time they both need and deserve! Trying to figure out a way of spending an equal amount of time focusing on your partner’s and your own interests might be more tricky than you first thought it would be. If you’re not entirely sure what the best thing to do is, then it’s best not to rush into something before you’ve had enough time to think about it.


Libra will feel a surge of independence throughout the day, where they will feel less reliant on their partner and friends and more capable of making their own judgments and decisions. However, try not to make other’s feel as though they are no longer needed in the process – you never know when you will need their advice again!


Scorpio might experience some jealousy today; either you will be feeling this way towards someone else or perhaps someone might be jealous of you. Try to avoid this at all costs – especially in the workplace. If a difficult and somewhat challenging situation presents itself to you, look to the people who are more capable of handling the situation for advice.


Sagittarius will enjoy nothing more than spending time in the company of their friends, family and close ones throughout the day. However, just because you are particularly fond of someone, don’t be fooled into thinking the possibility of an argument is out of the question. Rather than believe everything you are told, it’s always better to take certain things (and people) with a pinch of salt until you get to know them better.


Unfortunately, trying to figure out a compromise and come up with a solution to a particularly stubborn situation, will not be the easiest for Capricorn this Thursday. The important and most relevant relationships in your life will be going through somewhat of a change over the coarse of the next few days, however it is also possible that some of these will end up being a lot stringer as a result.


Aquarius will be able to put a positive spin on whatever challenges they find themselves facing throughout the day and this will also serve to encourage the people around them. Some information or news that you receive may not be entirely true so before you pass this on, make sure your sources are correct. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get everything done; you might find that a more relaxed approach allows you relax a bit more and thus become more productive.


Payday may not mean the same thing for you as it does for those round you today Pisces as you may have some hidden expenses to deal with before you can call it yours. Working with someone else, whether this is a business partner or even a work colleague will always come with certain challenges, however you should try and sort these out early on.