Tread carefully today, Libra.


Aries have a stronger desire to take the risk and experience unforgettable emotions when doing so. You have many options to choose from.


Taurus’ relations with its close ones will not be easy. There may be personal and business conflicts. Much will depend on your will, intentions, and ability to manage your skills and defend your point of view.


Be more careful when solving problems associated with income, health, and finances, and when going away on a trip or attending negotiations.


Uncontrolled feelings may hurt your close ones. Everything will be just fine if you try to minimize financial involvement into your amorous and creative processes.


Leo should better manage its energy and impressive creative potential. If you demonstrate rudeness, harshness, stubbornness, inflexibility, aggressiveness, and greed, you will eventually attract the heat.


You will be able to avoid many problems if you spend time on theoretic modelling of possible emergencies or active discussion of those with your trustees instead of taking actual steps.


You may easily make a mistake and invoke your partner’s rage. You may also have disputes with your confederates and friends.


Today your body is vulnerable; so is your pride. You may offer very strong responses to being tired, exhausted, stressed, and unsuccessful. The risk of injuries and ailment exacerbation exists today.


This is not the day when you fully control a situation and can steer it in the required direction. A commercial undertaking, an international trip, sport competition, or a love battle may have a different outcome – not the one you expected.


Your financial, business strategy should be well-thought-out in advance. Today you may dare to attempt a very risky step in your personal life.


People around you are patient today, but their patience has limits. Don’t provoke them or test their stamina; don’t be sprinkling salt on their open wounds – the result may be that of an atomic bomb explosion.


At the first signs of aggression and stubbornness you should stop any interaction. Intuition will tell you when it is going to be time to resume the dialogue.