Find a proper balance between work and play today, Aquarius.



The early hours and morning time will not be conducive to hard work and strenuous activities for Aries today. You may be glad to hear that you will be much more suited to activities that do not require a lot of effort on your behalf. However, when push comes to shove you will be able to muster up the energy to get important jobs completed.


Taurus, use the first part of this Thursday to focus on strengthening, or indeed repairing, any relationships in your life that are not in as good a place as they could be. Not everyone will be open to sorting these issues out today though, so choose wisely when approaching others. You may experience a difference of opinions towards the evening time.


If an event has taken place recently – either something good that has left you feeling positive or the exact opposite which has resulted in you feeling uneasy and worried – you will be experiencing the after effects of this throughout the day. Regardless, try your best to remain focused and keep your attention on the task at hand. You will also be feeling pretty sensitive towards other’s feelings.


Cancer, while you might normally love the idea of being surrounded by people from morning until nightfall, today will be slightly different and you may benefit from some quite time at the beginning of the day, this Thursday. Getting your point across in a well-constructed and concise way will be something you are likely to excel at.


Throughout the day Leo will be mostly focused on matters within and relating to their home life. So, issues that concern your family or where you live will be number one on your list! If you have a tendency to be very matter of fact about things, be careful that this doesn’t come across as being cold. You will not find it difficult to make decisions, even when under pressure to do so.


Virgo, this Thursday has the potential to shed light on or perhaps highlight any problems you have experienced lately regarding sorting through or even acquiring, important information. If someone you don’t necessarily trust very well has lots to tell you all of a sudden, it’s advisable that you think carefully about what they’re saying before you repeat what you have been told.


Libra, something may happen during the day that will force you to reassess the things you value most. For example by the time the evening hours arrive, material possessions might not mean so much to you. If you’ve been on the lookout for the perfect job to suit both your interests and personality, then today could be your lucky day.


Scorpio, you might find that you’re experiencing some tension and lots of misunderstandings between the people you associate with most often. If this is the case, then it might be worth considering if perhaps you’re not exactly making things any easier on yourself. Aim to find some common ground and work on improving matters from there.


Sagittarius, the realisation that the best way of staying out of trouble is by keeping your mouth shut, will be something you may have to learn the hard way today. Don’t allow people who are particularly devious to force you into saying something against your will. While there’s no shame in admitting when you could use a little help, try not to showcase all of your weaknesses at once.


Take as long as you feel is necessary in order to make the right decision for you today, Capricorn. This is especially important if the answer you are giving has something to do with your future or plans for the years to come. You might notice yourself getting overly emotional about small things as well.


Aquarius if you’ve been struggling to find a happy medium between work and your personal life recently, then today your main challenge will be to properly work out a way of fitting both into your daily routine. This might be particularly difficult for any Aquarius’ who are determined to achieve success and are strong willed by nature.


If the chance to experience something new presents itself today Pisces, you would be silly not to make the mot of this opportunity. Sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need, without even realising it. Take care of your possessions and don’t be careless when using expensive items.